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  2. No problem!!!
  3. Thank you so much for your comment Lipsy <3
  4. Late 2017-Early 2018 i think!!
  5. Hey everyone its me megan and i am 17 years old next week, I have been a part of the navy for 1o years and i haven't stopped being a stan since!! I love rihanna so much like words can't even explain!! Anyway, lets move on to the topic: 'Sex With Me' is an amazing track and one of the best from ANTI in my own opinion! The beat, the lyrics and everything about the song is so catchy!! It would be a perfect fit for Loud tbh!! I just love the song and wished it was a single, because it would've smashed!! Whats your opinion of the song?? Say in this thread!! <3333
  6. Love it so much!!! You are really good at yt videos!!!
  7. I believe she will release a new album towards the end of 2017. Anti was great but I would like her to create more uptempo music this time! It's been so long! Also, given that Dj Khaled is really successful on the Hot 100 these days, I hope that her song with him will become an official single, with music video (finally) and everything..
  8. The only one who sucksis YOU. #RihannaSlays
  9. Do you think our queen will release new music in 2017? Any news or thoughts? I heard that Nick Gramshaw announced that she is up to release new music soon. Feel free to write. X, M.
  10. Hey i made two videos for queen Robyn i posted them on YouTube. Tell me what you think!
  11. Hi Navy. Are you doing well? I hope so. Probably this question have already been posted by someone but I'm not sure so I wanna ask you when do you think Rihanna will release her new album? She said that we won't wait anymore so much time for a new album! Maybe this question could seem trivial, but even if it's only a year since Rihanna released Anti I already wanna #R9. What do you think about it?
  12. This topic covers all the Rihanna news that doesn't require new topic. You spotted Rihanna somewhere, found some news, pictures, you might add it here. This is the main post to go for latest updates and all Rihanna discussion.
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