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  2. Do unto others as you would have done unto you!

  3. Video from her concert I took!


  4. Happy Day that's my wedding day what I am Lookin' forward pretty soon.

  5. im trying my hand at making fanmade Albums. I've made two so far. One has a video on YouTube. You're thoughts would be much appreciated! I'm not a graphic designer at all, just a pet project :) 

  6. Hey guys!! Do ya'll remember me??? Haven't been on her for sooo long :/

  7. I haven't been on here in a while, follow me on Twitter/Instagram: @ rrfxagb 

  8. Imagine hating Rihanna and actually have to watch her win all the awards and sell all of these music in the world.

    1. Davidz999


      It could be so painful:D:D

  9. » rihanna is queen

  10. Me siento genial al formar parte de esta comunidad. Un beso para todos los Navys del mundo!! :D

  11. hey natalie! ive been a follower of rihanna daily since last october to start keeping up with when rihanna is gonna come out with anti, but i ended up turning on twitter notifications and havent had them off since. i love you and rodrigo on twitter and instagram!! i was wondering if you knew if it was possible to attend the diamond ball thats supposed to be happening next month, i would LOVE to go. please let me know!!

  12. Rihanna's album Loud is a fucking masterpiece.

    1. Unfaithful


      Pose is such a masterpiece it's a hidden gem in the deluxe version~

  13. Love my boyfriend so much! He just helped me run through some files and coding shit in my computer even though it took over 2 hours, he was happy to help.

  14. Rihanna might not be Whitney Houston but she's a globally acclaimed singer whose success is never ending. I don't think I know any artist who can release several songs of varying genres one after the other and become as famous as her, she's a pure talent.

  15. Sex with me so.. amazing~! Vodka and a water and a lemon~ and a few other things I can't mention ;).


  16. I love this forum.


  18. Daily Reminder; Kiss it Better is a masterpiece and the song of our generation.

  19. *a Rihanna song starts playing on the radio*
    Friend: *changes the radio station*


  20. И здесь всё понятно


  21. Я всё понимаю.Я всё вижу.


  22. So No More AubRih????????

  23. Follow me on Instagram @ItsLiamRichardson

    1. Antiboy


      instagram: antiphotoboy

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