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  1. Get the new dance remixes for “Love On The Brain” from ANTI now. Stream today: TIDAL - Spotify - Apple Music "Love On The Brain" was announced in September as the fourth single off ANTI, following "Work", "Needed Me" and "Kiss It Better".
  2. Can't wait! She better take Artist of the Year home Let's VOTE, Navy!
  3. Yep! Does the forum work fine in your mobile browser, badgalabi? Please let us know if you find any issues.
  4. Someone call President Obama: Chrissy Teigen has been (unknowingly) breaking the law. The model and best-selling author appears on Tuesday The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed during her visit that since moving into Rihanna’s old house, she’s been opening up the "Work" singer's mail. Since early this year, the model and musician are the owners of the $14.1 million modern-style house that belonged to Rihanna back in 2011. Featuring incredible ocean and city views of Southern California, the home boasts plenty of secluded outdoor space, from a sprawling patio to a pool and two balconies. The 5-bedroom, 8-bathroom house also comes equipped with some low-key perks like a private theater room, billiards party room, sauna and private gym—because celebs, they're just like us. The best part, besides the immense walk-in closet, is probably the incredible infinity bath tub that overlooks the canyons and Beverly Hills.
  5. Rihanna's gonna get all wet -- and probably (fake) bloody -- when she steps into the infamous "Psycho" shower, and her "Bates Motel" director is so psyched. Nestor Carbonell stars on the show, but will also be directing RiRi's upcoming episode where she plays Marion Crane ... the character in that legendary shower stabbing. TMZ got him out in L.A. -- walking his dog -- and tried to find out if he's going for a straight remake or putting a new twist on the scene. Check it out ... Nestor does spill at least one big deet. Via TMZ “I read this article in which Rihanna said she was a fan of “Bates Motel,” executive producer Carlton Cuse explained. "We asked and she said yes. It was awesome. We’re really excited about it. It really feels very much like the version of the character that is different from the movie." In the film “Psycho,” which serves as the loose inspiration for the series, Marion Crane checks into the “Bates Motel,” where she has the misfortune of crossing paths with motel owner Norman Bates. Her shower scene — where she gets stabbed to death — has become one of film’s most iconic. Cuse also said that the Marion character is one they wanted to make sure to include before wrapping the A&E series next year. “We wanted her to very much be her own character and we felt in order to do that we needed to find someone who was very, very special to play Marion.” Also on the panel with Cuse were executive producer Kerry Ehrin and stars Vera Farmiga (Norma), Freddie Highmore (Norman), Nestor Carbonell (Alex) and Max Thieriot (Dylan). “Bates Motel” will begin production this fall in Vancouver and will return for a final season in 2017 on A&E.
  6. Lmao what's up with all those nominees? And 10 years ago...