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  1. They are going to be released on May 11
  2. Here are all pieces and prices with different colorways for Spring/Summer 2017 collection. More to be updated -15% code for first orders: Puma Welcome Sneaker Boot Zip ($390) Strapped Sneaker Boots ($390?^) Bow Sneaker ($160) Bow Slide ($90) NEW IN!!!! Fur Slide ($90) Jelly Slide Sandals ($90?^) Lace Up Heel ($450) Slingback Heel ($390) Mule Heel ($400) Bow Creeper Sandals ($160???) Long Lacing Bra ($150) Ruffle Lace Trapunto Bustier ($???) Mesh & Bustier Top with Sleeves ($250) Ball Mesh Lace Glovetop ($???) Polo Collar Bodysuit ($???) Lace Trim Sleepwear Cami ($???) Lace Trim Sleepwear Teddy ($???) Bball Lace Sleepwear Teddy ($???) Sleeveless Cropped Crew Neck Top ($???) Cropped Baby Polo ($80) Cropped Crew Neck T-Shirt ($60) Oversized Crew Neck T-Shirt ($110) Oversized Polo ($???) Sleeve Tie Sweatshirt ($180) Mens Hockey Tee with Front Lacing ($250) Drawstring Graphic T-shirt ($140) Polo Swing Mini Dress ($210) Pleated Hem Jersey Dress ($100) Kimono Sleeve Tee ($260) Cropped Long Sleeve Sweatshirt ($150) Polo dress ($???) Hockey Baby Doll Dress with Tiers ($???) LS Graphic Crew Neck T-Shirt ($150) LS Graphic Crew Neck T-Shirt ($150) Fleece Hoody with Harness ($???) Fleece Hoody with Harness ($???) Fleece Off Shoulder Hoodie ($???) Long Sleeve Back Lacing Hoody ($130) Hoodie with Side Lacing ($260) LS Graphic Front Lacing Hoody ($130) LS Graphic Hoodie ($190) LS Graphic Hoodie ($190) LS Graphic Hoodie ($200-$210) LS Graphic Hoodie ($200-$210) Sweatsuit Pullover ($240) Tearaway Track Jacket ($240?) Zip Up Embroidered Edge Jacket ($240) Tricot Mix Jacket ($???) Boxing & Bomber Robe ($???) Tricot Jacket with Embroidered Skirt ($520) Lace Trim Sleepwear Shorts ($???) Bball Lace Sleepwear Shorts ($310) Suspenders Pant ($300) Embriodered Long Shorts ($???) Die Cut Embroidered Pants ($230) Front Lacing Sweatpant ($240) Sweatsuit Pant ($225) Gathered Ankle Sweatpants ($???) Tearaway Track Pants ($???) Tearaway Track Pant ($???) Boxing & Bomber Lacing Tights ($140) Lace Side Bell Bottom ($375) Lace Detail Full Bodysuit ($???) Underbust Catsuit ($???) Embroidered Edge Mini Skirt ($???) Kimono Sleeve Suspender Dress ($???) Tank Tunic with Ties ($280-285) Jersey Tee with Tank ($???) Jacquard Jumpsuit ($250) Tearaway Sleeveless Dress ($???) Ruffled Dress ($???) Jacket with Cape skirt ($???) Tricot Zip Off Cape Jacket ($???) Tank Anorak with Bungee ($320) Bow Cuff Parachute Jacket ($2900) Tiered Jacket ($???) Tiered Long Jacket ($???) Off the Shoulder Bow Peplum Jacket ($3200) Jacquard Active Jumpsuit ($1800) Big Knot Hoodie Shawl ($100) Parisian Cap ($90-95) Bandana Cap ($100) Ruffle Trapper ($110-115) Masked Cap Lace ($95) Mesh Lace Durag ($???) Numbered Lace Durag ($50) Bow Cap Mesh ($???) Bow Cap Net ($???) Lace Up Cap ($???) Oversized Visor Cap ($???) Lace Skull Cap ($40) Buckle Choker ($30-35) Ruffle Choker ($30) Lace Up Choker ($30) Bow Crosspack ($190) Layerd Drawstring ($180) Ruffle Backpack ($300) Parachute Backpack ($350) Lace Roll Down Backpack ($350) Lace Fan ($???) MORE TO BE UPDATED! CHECK BACK SOON ****the prices are from official retailes from Australia and Japan calculated from their currency to usd, so the official puma price might be slightly different : )
  3. "Rihanna's visit to the Aquarium was a blast. You never know how exclusive tours like this are going to turn out, but this visit was amazing!" - Dr Patrick Garratt – Managing Director of the Two Oceans Aquarium There were about 20 people in her group, including her family, and the Nemo exhibit stopped them “dead in their tracks”. We were there for about 15 minutes and the flashes were going non-stop. Her family and their professional photographer must have got some wonderful shots. Throwing in a little info on sex change certainly piqued their interest before we moved on to the “jewels” of the Aquarium – those small exquisite displays that show off the beauty and complexity of the oceans. Rihanna was enthralled with the backlit shark egg cases with their babies writhing around inside. Evening is the most beautiful time of day to visit the Aquarium (join us during our extended hours – from 16 December 2013 until 12 January 2014 we are open from 09h00 until 20h00) and it took some time to get past the jellies, octopus, soles and Knysna seahorses. The octopus was a star performer, moving about on the inner surface of the glass and appearing to “communicate” with Rihanna. There is nothing like getting special attention from a wild animal! Turning the corner we came face to face with the giant spider crabs, and the group could not believe what they were seeing. Again, the cameras clicked and Rihanna started mimicking the crabs. She had realised by this time that an aquarium offers a photographic extravaganza. Again, I added a little to the experience by asking if they could see a face in the abdomen of one of the crabs standing against the glass. There were great exclamations when they realised that they could see the face of a Samurai warrior. I then shared an account of a great Japanese sea battle in which the young emperor, seeing that the battle was lost, threw himself into the water with his Samurai warriors. The legend has it that the emperor and his warriors turned into crabs and have been wandering the floor of the ocean ever since. Taking the ramp, we entered Frogs beyond the Pond and, being in the entertainment business, the group was enthralled by the frog puppet show. There was a mixture of hilarity at seeing the frog actors, and sober nodding as they heard the urgent messages of the actors. All the while Rihanna had been asking when we were going to see the penguins. We entered the Sappi River Meander and she gasped at its authenticity and the waves washing against the beach. And there were the African penguins – the animals that she had wanted to see above all else. Again the cameras clicked. After a while I asked if she would like to step on to the beach to join the penguins. Not believing her luck, we hopped across the water on to the beach and her photographer took some beautiful shots. By this time I realised that Rihanna was making the most of every moment and that there had been excitement and laughter all the way – it was a tour of a lifetime. Before we knew it, almost two hours had passed and it was time to go – so they thought! They had not reckoned on the majesty of the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest and the I&J Predatorexhibits. It was in front of the I&J Predator Exhibit that we stopped briefly for pictures of Rihanna and the “Professor”, as I had been dubbed by her mum. The group tried to get past the I&J Predator Exhibit quickly – but who has ever been able to do that? They left the Aquarium 20 minutes later with big smiles and effusive thanks. Staff members Kath Thorne, Amina Hoosain and I waved them goodbye, marvelling at what an incredible evening it had been!
  4. Stance Muse just revealed that they are dropping new Rihanna collection tomorrow!!!
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    All information about Rihanna's shoe collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. Rihanna ha partnered with Manolo Blahnik since 2015, when she invited him to her apartment in New York City to design their first collection! Watch the video here In March 2016 we get to see her wearing the collection in new VOGUE UK magazine (April issue). Throughout the whole year she was spotted wearing RIHANNAxMANOLO *inserts pic*
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    PUMA announced a new multi-year partnership with Rihanna, making her Global ambassador for Women’s Training and the PUMA Women’s Creative Director, kicking off in January 2015. As part of her role, Rihanna is working with PUMA to design and customize classic PUMA styles as well as creating new styles to add to the PUMA product portfolio. Back in December 2014, Rihanna flew to Herzogenaurach, Germany, to sign her contract in Puma’s headquarters with Bjørn Gulden (CEO at PUMA) who commented: “Signing Rihanna is a fantastic step for PUMA. Her global profile, her charisma and individuality, her ambition – all these things make her a perfect ambassador for our brand. (…) We’re delighted to have her as a partner, and we’re looking forward to what’s to come.” She is playing a starring role in PUMA’s brand campaign, Forever Faster and is featured along with many of PUMA’s world-class athletes such as Usain Bolt. Starting in April 2015 Puma was revealing new Rihanna ads from upcoming FOREVERFASTER campaign. She also was featured in the video for #NoMatterWhat campaign. Then in September Rihanna announced her first shoe collection, releasing black/white suede creepers with campaign featuring hip-hop artist Travis Scott. Sold out online in 3 hours! Watch BTS of the photoshoot here! then added new colorways a week later: later in November continued her campaigned with two extra colors: followed by May, Puma released 3 new color-ways: and then Camo creepers in July 2016 COMPLETELY SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE! Bloomberg Business reports that Puma's 2015 fourth quarter earnings managed to surpass analyst predictions with €879 million (roughly $975 million) in sales, which are up 17.1 percent from fourth quarter 2014 and far beyond expert projections of €847.9 million. The sales surge is due in large part to its Rihanna's creepers. Puma CEO Bjoern Gulden added that "She can sell sneakers and Puma is onto something here which we haven't seen yet in the women's area." Throughout the year Rihanna was spotted out and about wearing her iconic creepers as well as: • The Trainers that were released in February 2016 in three color-ways - black, white and red (ads featured model Dudley O'Shaughnessy - who joined Rihanna in her "We Found Love" video) Behind the scenes video. • Leadcat Fur Slides released on April 2016 also in three color-ways - white, pink and black (ads also featured Dudley) Behind the scenes video. - new color-ways has been added to trainers and fur slides collection - GREY - during the summer: It was just the beginning. Rihanna in February revealed her autumn/winter 2016 FENTYxPUMA collection on New York Fashion Week (her debut!) With more than 70 pieces in the autumn/winter 2016 collection Rihanna and Puma created over 40 different looks on fashion show that were presented by over 30 models including Hadid sisters - Gigi & Bella - and Dudley O'Shaughnessy. Watch full FENTYxPUMA show and highlights Here are some behind the scenes from the AW16 campaign photoshoot Offical promotional ad pictures: Rihanna recently directed Cara Delevigne's Do You Puma campaign. “It was effortless to collaborate with her because she’s a close friend. I really admire both her business mind and her creativity, so working on this campaign together was a really great experience." ~ Cara NEWS ALERT!!! Creppers will be restocked on September 29th in 4 oryginal colorways NEWS ALERT! Rihanna is confirmed to debut her FENTYxPUMA Spring/Summer 2017 collection on Paris Fashion Week on September 28th (7:30pm-8:30pm). You can watch the fashion show exclusively on TIDAL for free. SNEAK PEAK ALERT You can spot 3 heels from spring/summer collection in CR Fashionbook behind the scenes video! Fashion Show preparations: Rihanna made history with her debut show on Paris Fashion Week 2016 with her Spring/Summer 2017 coming in March next year. She presented over 30 looks in 2 presentations (added more olive and brown looks in the second one). Here are all looks from the show: After months of wait Rihanna finally announced that she's doing her 2nd puma fashion show in Paris with her Autumn/Winter collection inspired by school. Here is the full show: Rihanna has presented over 50 looks inspired by skaters, gothic, bad girls/mean girls and more. FENTY UNIVERSITY: *inserts all looks pic* Here are behind the scenes: and recap of the show: On March 9th Puma released few pairs of shoes from her Spring/Summer collection: The collection will be released in a few drops from April till June.
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    More from the collection will be released on November 1st!!!
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    Rehersals in US
  9. Watch n Learn and What Now definitely
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    BTS from AW16 photoshoot
  11. Rihanna will launch FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA in fall 2017, partnering with the Kendo beauty division of the luxury goods company, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, to create her own makeup collection. LVMH’s deal may have reached $10 million to secure the line. "I'm working on creating a new beauty line FENTY Beauty and I can't wait for everyone to see what I've been working on. I'm super excited about it." ~ Rihanna Chief executive officer of Kendo, David Suliteanu, said, “Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a beauty rocket ship that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience. We are aiming for the stars.”
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    I actually like this more on Kendall than Rih
  13. ANTI spend 32 consecutive weeks at the Billboard 200 chart! Unfortunately fall out this week I'm sure it will be back once new releases go out off the list
  14. Rihanna just changed her hairstyle 👀👀👀
  15. LOTB could be perfect for Grammys.
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    I know some 👀 I will do collage tomorrow ❤️
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  18. I'm throwing hands if so...
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    Lemme just go knock on your apartment door and force you to tell me kidding 😂 Hmmm maybe Ocean's Eight? But isn't it too early? But why she got them in Paris tho? 🤔 Puma shoot was done and I doubt she did dreadlocks for the shoot
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    so it's something for? 👀😁 lowkey don't want this to be for LOTB video 😭
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    I saw it on twitter and i couldn't resist naming that topic like that 😂
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    All informations about Rihanna's collaboration with Dior
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    Ok so apparently the second drop comes on 6th: