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  1. NAVY! After a disappointing Grammy night where our girl won none of the awards she deserved. As every cloud has a silver lining, the good news is that Love On the Brain is predicted to enter the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. However, for this to happen we have to work hard as the songs performed at the Grammys will get a sales boost that can affect LOTB's performance. As her navy, the least we can do to make her feel better is to get her favourite song to the Top 10.. So on this day of love, Let's join hands and celebrate love by listening to Love on the Brain
  2. Navy, Don't you think it's about time our gal RiRi Rocked the Superbowl Halftime Stage? If you agree with me, sign & share this petition to all your social media platforms & lets do our part in letting Pepsi & the NFL know WHAT THE WORLD WANTS!
  3. Great!!! Do share it on your social media platforms as we need all the support we can get!!
  4. Hey guys!! Do ya'll remember me??? Haven't been on her for sooo long :/

  5. I Know i've posted this before but i've done so much more ever since so i'd love if ya'll would check out my polyvore & tell me your thoughts about it
  6. TBH this has been on my mind since i saw the trailer.. 20+ minutes doesn't sound like a "major part" like Luc Besson described her role.. The only explanation is that Bubble is an important character in the movie but she doesn't get a lot of screentime..She her character must be the turning point in the plot or something...
  7. Follow me on twitter guys! I'm @istanrihsus .... I'd love to connect with more navy..
  8. UMM I dont think thats rih... It looks more like Teyana Taylor....
  9. She's one of the most versatile artists of our generation. She brought EDM to mainstream with WFL. Brought Dancehall to mainstream with Work. Watch the ANTi sound become mainstream in the coming years. The reason she remains successful is because she is constantly innovating and reinventing her sound. No two Rihanna albums sound the same. Yet. we instantly know its Rihanna because she is, has and always will unapologetically be Rihanna.
  10. Even after not being a single, its slaying on the radio. However it's pretty late to release it as a single now since its almost winter and the time for ballads *cough*Love On the Brain*cough*
  11. #R9

    New Tracks: Fire Roses
  12. I believe the source is reliable because ALL the info he/she provided so far has turned out to be true...
  13. Ya'll totally forgot about Gingeranna that DOMINATED 2015....
  14. There's a black version available now. The exact version Rih wore will drop in 6 days!
  15. The Last Time, Final Goodbye, Million Miles Away, Cry, Stupid in Love, Cold Case Love, Photographs, Farewell, LWT/MM, Jump, Lost in Paradise, Same Ol' Mistakes and KISS IT BETTER
  16. To be honest, the mind blowing live renditions of LOTB always make me wonder about Higher and if it would sound even more beautiful live!!
  17. I hope it doesn't get over until songs like Woo, Consideration, Desperado etc. are released as singles..But i honestly wouldn't be surprised if she gave us #R9 next year considering the fact that she's always working on music due to her hardworking nature and the love she has for it..She was spotted at the studio many times this year.. P.S. Rumour has it that R9 will be release in Q3 of 2017 and we'll get a lead single in May.
  18. Daily Reminder; Kiss it Better is a masterpiece and the song of our generation.

  19. Its a T-Shirt from TRAPVILLA, A new venture by @/FUCCl on twitter who is one of Rihanna's faves and a Navy himself. He gifted this shirt to her personally. It makes me happy knowing that my fave actually cares for her fans and is always willing to support them. That's why I never think twice about supporting her.
  20. UPDATE: Rihanna is reportedly set to accompany him on his Boy Meets World Tour on the Manchester and London dates. Something highly unlikely for two ex's that just broke up to do.....
  21. It would be soo cool! I wouldn't mind if she was starring in ANOTHER movie too. In 2014, she made her mark in the fashion industry. 2017 is shaping up to be the year of Actressanna.
  22. Rihanna hasn't followed Drake since 2014. India Love's sister confirmed that India & Drake are not together.
  23. That would be amazing! It would sling ANTi back to the Top 10 again!! Would also help promote LOTB and/or SWM..
  24. So Proud of her!! Just remembered we got the first peek at Antidiary at the AMAs last year...Hope she performs this time!
  25. #R9

    Well it's deleted now. I'll definitely save it if i come across it again. Vocals sounded similar to Needed Me but were deeper and not as soft..