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  1. Omfgggggggggg I love the first one so much! You're so talented.
  2. She does it for PR. She knows whenever she mentions Rihanna, whether in a good or bad way (though the bad way gives her more views) that people WILL use her name. And having your name all up over Social Media is what she want's because that's how that hoe stays relevant. She's done cross a line with Rihanna more than once. Hate her.
  3. Call me Rihanna.... LMAO no jk, Lisa is fine.
  4. Same. Same. SAME!
  5. If art means losing weight then I'd be skinny as fuck. Just finished this one!
  6. And another one. I'm surprised I didn't get tired of it yet lol.
  7. I have so many ideas for myself. But stupid society you know....
  8. My rank is "Baby Navy" xD ohmergawwwwd.

    1. SerpentJay


      gurl if only they knew.. you's the OG Navy LMAO 

    2. TheRiriFreak


      Lmfao I love you so much for that one xD

  9. Oh my God. You're talented!!!! Also I love watching fan made music videos. Sometimes they're even better than the actual video imo 😂
  10. After 15 hours of total work I finally finished this piece. ^-^ so proud of it.
  11. She looks good in everything. It's so unfair lol. But that hair thooooo *-*
  12. I really want a shit load of tattoos but then again I don't want them to limit my chances of getting a better job than I have now. Nonetheless I don't feel like myself when I'm not getting tattoos though. I'm conflicted D;
  13. I love that song!!!! So has Close To You
  14. I never get tired of Take a Bow and What Now. But my favorite would have to be LOTB currently. It's playing up and down. But then again so does Same Ol' Mistakes and Pose.... so I guess those three are my current favorites and my all time favorite would be TAB, WN, GGGB and Questions Existing. Just because those mean alot to me and helped me change into the better.
  15. #R9

    I'm not even thinking about R9 yet. Anti still got all my attention.