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  1. A lot of people [on Twitter] have been saying that they would like R9 this year but I personally would prefer to have R9 next year sometime after August-January 2019. If Rih releases an album this year, she'll probably end up taking another break... but who knows?
  2. I haven't been on here in a while, follow me on Twitter/Instagram: @ rrfxagb 

  3. The song has huge potential. Rob hasn't said anything about the song after she announced on IG that it was the next single. It's doing extremely well in America just relying on streams/radio. Airplay has REALLY been supporting the song and is probably the main factor as to why the song is rising. We're all hoping for a great video and hopefully if/when we get it, it'll drastically help it rise. I'm not 100% sure if the AMAs are done announcing all their performers, but it would be great if Rih performed Love On The Brain by itself at the AMAs. To answer your question, yes I do think it will go #1.
  4. Radio is helping this song so much, very exciting! Billboard Hot 100: US iTunes (November 11th, 2016 2:30AM EST): 46(+1)Love On The Brain
  5. "This Is What You Came For" wins Favorite Dance Song at the second annual Latin AMAs . This is Rihanna's first award nomination and win!
  6. Yeah! Rihanna/Calvin, and Justin Bieber were the only non-latin winners.
  7. Rihanna touched me at the FENTYXPUMA pop up shop in New York. Read all about my experience: 


  8. She's back in NYC!
  9. event

    I'm just going to keep this very short and simple about my experience: It wasnt very organized, there was A LOT of running to do, something I didn't like was the fact that they didn't have water for people in the front rows. Like 5-9 people around me ended up fainting and stuff because it was really hot. Anyways. Rihanna's set was absolutely amazing. Mel waved at me, Yusef recognized me and waved back at me, I managed to get a selfie with Cara Delevigne who was in the crowd, got to see Hihat in person for the first time as well. From the second Rih got on the stage everything was perfect. Any questions about my experience let me know, I'll answer. Also, for those who read my FXP pop up shop experience unfortunately no I didn't get any sort of interaction with Rih but there's many more opportunities to come in the future. For some videos/pictures of mine from GCF check out AWTGuide's recent photos/videos on IG tagged -J. (Those are mine)
  10. rihanna navy

    GCF was so much fun. Well, Rihanna's set. Everything else was extremely messy and unorganized. BUT, Rihanna had an amazinggggg show. The audience was really going off. I'm not sure if you're able to hear the audience through the livestream but wow everyone had so much energy. She didn't notice me unfortunately and I didn't see her after the show because I had to leave right away. I would've loved to see her after and just talk lol. But, Melissa did recognize me and waved and me and so did Yusef! Such a great time. Oh, and I managed to get a selfie with Cara Delevigne 😂
  11. So humble and inspiring
  12. Put my pop-up shop experience/encounter in the General Discussions section, go give it a read :P

  13. I'm going to be queuing in less than 15 hours.. omg

  14. This Is What You Came For What Now Cockiness The Monster Only Girl Watch N' Learn You da One There's soooo many that I would love to witness live.
  15. Being part of a forum community for over 2 years I know that forums can be a great place to bring people together without interference of those who do not support the same ideas. Excited to see this launch and be 100% ready to go.
  16. rihanna navy

    (This is long, BEWARE) 100% worth the read though September 6th, 2016: Its about 5:30PM and I'm just getting out of my last college class of the day. As I'm entering the Subway station I get the twitter notification of Rihanna sending out a tweet. The tweet said the following: "NEW YORK who’s heading to #FENTYXPUMA pop up at @SIX02 33rd st?! Come shop with me at 7PM!" I got on the subway and wondered if I actually wanted to go to the pop-up shop the way I was dressed. (I was such a mess lol) I arrive to the pop-up shop at about 6PM, and I'm upstairs waiting at the pop-up shop that seems to be for invited guests only. Hours go by, and my stomach is aching soooooo bad. I even tweeted about my stomach hurting and having thoughts of leaving. Thankfully, I didn't. Anyways, at about 8:25PM I hear the people down the store making noise and I automatically panicked and assumed it was Rih. I saw Jen & Mel ahead of Rih, I pulled out my phone and started recording, Jen walks past first "Hey Jen!" I shout, Jen replies "hi you!" *dies inside* Mel right behind Jen looks at me and I go "Hi Melissa" she smiles and goes "Hi" (dies inside AGAIN) seconds later, the glowing goddess herself is walking towards me and all I remember is putting my hand out and saying "I love you Rih please tou- *SHE TOUCHES MY HAND* "OH MY GAAAAAD" I literally yelled LMAO. I was beyonddddddddd shocked. I legitimately didn't know what to do so I just started tearing up like a babyy, it was so embarrassing but so worth it all. While they're inside the VIP pop up shop and Rih is doing interviews, Yusef comes towards the window and I'm outside of the window and I like point up and down at his outfit and I'm like "you look good!" Snapping and being extra and he didn't understand what I said and he kinda put a "huh?" Face so I said my statement again but with more snaps and a thumbs up after pointing up and down at his outfit and he looked at me and smirked basically telling me like "I know I look good" and OMG I thought we were best friends at that moment. Remember how I said I had literally just gotten out of school? So, while I waited for Rih to leave, I took out my notebook and wrote this message (or something similar): Twitter @: rrfxagb, thank you for blessing me by touching my hand. See you at GCF <3 I knew that trying to hand Rih the paper wouldn't be the best idea because the amount of people and security that were there. So, while everyone is exiting, Mel is last to exit and she's a bit behind and I go up to her and I go "Mel can you please give this to Rih I would really appreciate it" she stops walking looks at me and goes "sure baby" with the cutest accent. I was so shocked at the fact that she stopped to take the paper I just screamed as she walked away with my paper "thank you so much love you Mel!" - My paper must have gotten lost as I never got followed on Twitter. But that really didn't matter to me. The fact that everyone was so nice and had such a great attitude literally was the best thing to me. I'm hoping I'm able to meet Rih and tell her about my experience at the pop up shop and how appreciative I am of her and her crew being so humble and extremely nice. I hope that Mel at least finds me familiar if I see her Sunday. Thank you all for reading this longggggg story but you know, I hope it was worth it. Here are pictures of her looking at me directly in the EYE. Thank you all ❤️
  17. On Sunday, I'll be posting my AWT, GCF and Pop-up shop experiences

  18. event

    I will also be attending GCF on Saturday! I'm hoping Rih/Mel or Yusef recognize me from the FXP pop-up shop lol. I'm soooo excited!