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  1. So Samsung ads leaked last weekend and it clearly says that ANTI supposed to be out last year... What do you guys think? Source: What's your theory? Why ANTI was delayed? Maybe it's something with Kanye as a producer?
  2. Why are we the only ones who play? Chips. Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?
  3. One of the hardest questions ever... Needed Me. Anti or Rated R?
  4. I'm Alex! Well, I'm not too creative as you can see
  5. event

    Yeah, I'm always afraid when I go alone on a concert but I'm this type of human who likes wait long before the happening so in the meantime I'm able to know lots of fans. That's great cause now I know people who love the same things as I do. I would prefer to go see Rihanna by myself cause none of my friends love her like me. Then I have a lot of time to meet some Navy
  6. It's so hard to pick only one because there's too much things to judge like lyrics, music or first impression. It depends on what you focus on the most. But the question is 'favorite' not 'best'. I'm in love with Question Existing for so many years... Same Ol' Mistakes stole my heart but it's a cover so it's hard to say that it's RIHANNAs song. Well, my pick is Skin. Sexy, cool, timeless... Pour It Up is also so close to be my #1 but well... Skin.
  7. She was my first idol and the first person through which I started being interested in popculture so I have huge sentiment to her. Even though I'm not a (big) fan anymore I still like to know what's going on with her. Anytime she releases something new I'm curious and have to check it. Glory is great but I can't stop thinking that she's only a puppet and she does what producers etc. tell her. Come on, she doesn't even sing, right? But yeah, I still like and she will be part of my life always but it's undeniable that this Britney is not that iconic like the old one.
  8. Everyone knows Beyoncé and personally I love her but what makes me sad is that war between BeyHive and Navy. I had a chance to see her this July in Paris on her Formation World Tour and it was amazing. It's undeniable that she is a great performer, singer, dancer and an actress. What do you guys think about her and this little war between BeyHive and Navy?
  9. Let's wait for LOTB first but Desperado has my vote
  10. my school is closed for today because of a storm xD

    1. AubRih


      mine is being closed tomorrow and friday :D

    2. alex


      I envy you :( even though i have my exams these year so i should not...

  11. Hi! I'm Alex from Poland. I'm 18. I'm a fan since forever and Navy since 2010. AWT in Warsaw was the best day of my life. I'm stressed out 24/7 and I want everyone to be happy and themselfs no matter what! So, please, be yourself guys! Love you
  12. thoughts

    i can't imagine how heavy it has to be...
  13. I've tried to watch it but tbh this is one of the most boring series I've ever seen... Guess I'll only watch the episode with Rih
  14. TIWYCF, Nothing Is Promised and im still hoping for Skin