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  1. I was thinking that maybe her involvement with Global Citizen changed the way her foundation works right now. Probably lots of changes coming.
  2. It's not crazy. It's business. They can't release them.
  3. Can we talk about how Kiss It Better scammed its way into a Grammy nomination? Justice for Love on the Brain! Well, Sex With Me is really catchy with fun lyrics so I am not surprised it is successful.
  4. This woman is working so hard I really don't know how she finds the energy to do that. Just take travelling alone - it takes her a lot of time. And she is still filming Ocean's Eight, probably working on ten thousand other things we don't know about. I think the documentary might come when the era is really over. Or maybe it would be a cool idea to release it around Good Girl Gone Bad's 10th anniversary cause it was the first album she really started to open up to her fans etc. Either way, I am excited!
  5. So We McDonald sang Rihanna's "Love On The Brain" last night on Th Voice and I am curious what you think about her version. In my opinion, whoever decides to cover it will never outdo RiRi, especially after her delivering so many amazing live performances of this song. But McDonald's interpretation is interesting.
  6. Those hand gestures!
  7. projects

    Rihanna and Manolo Blahnik have put their heads together once again, creating a collection of winter boots, inspired by Timberland. It’s the second time this year the two have collaborated, following their Denim Desserts debut in May. The new collection, Savage, features three boot styles and launches Nov. 16. They are inspired both by Rihanna’s penchant for suede and shearling and her love affair with the Timberland work boot. One of the new Savage models, the Fallon, is a rework of the Timberland-style boot that Blahnik first designed — with a stiletto heel — in the Aughts. The Dominique is a thigh-high sheepskin-lined boot made of black ponyskin, which can also be worn folded at the top. The skin has been laser-cut in a macro floral brocade design, similar to the Marie Antoinette-inspired Fenty x Puma collection Rihanna showcased during the latest Paris Fashion Week. The Alexis is a knee-length, lace-up with fur trim running around the top and down the laces. It comes in ivory and cinnamon. All three styles from the Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik Savage collection are limited and will only be available to purchase in select Manolo Blahnik stores and online at starting Nov. 16. PRICE RANGE: The Fallon, price: $1,345 The Alexis, price: $1,885 The Dominique, price: $2,985 Which one of you will be so nice and gift me for Christmas, thankies <3 lol
  8. Get a room, you two lol. Anyway, It's funny how I also been thinking about it lately. I really miss blondanna and would love to see her rocking this color once again. Like the last major change were dreadlocks and I totally loved them but in terms of colour it's been black mostly.
  9. Rehab! She slayed this song live. Imagine it live now, with all that vocal growth. Also Higher, the crowd would sing every word I bet.
  10. I will show up at Rihanna's apartment to kick her ass if we don't.
  11. Yesterday, the latest movie in the Ocean’s franchise began filming in NYC, and we’re already starting to get details about what and where they’ll be shooting! Ocean’s Eight, which we’ve confirmed is filming under the working title Linus, will follow a team of female thieves working together to steal a necklace from the Met Ball and frame a crooked gallery owner for the crime. The film, which is reportedly, “an extension and a continuation” of the Ocean’s trilogy, will have an all-star cast including Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna and Awkwafina. Sandra Bullock’s character will provide the tie in to the original movies as she is said to be the sister of the Ocean’s character, Danny Ocean (George Clooney). Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney are producing Ocean’s Eight, while Gary Ross directs. Ocean’s Eight is expected to hit theaters on June 8, 2018. According to casting calls, the movie is filming in Brooklyn today, 10/20 and tomorrow, 10/21. Also, according to filming notices, on Tuesday, 10/25, Ocean’s Eight will be filming on 80th St between Madison and 5th Aves in NYC. Source: OnLocationNews Can't wait to see Rihanna in another film! Rumour has it there will be a MET Gala scene included so it's about to be LIT.
  12. #R9

    I know the feel! I bought my friend ANTI for her birthday (she was not a Rihanna fan) and that's all you can hear in her car ever since. I need people to give Rihanna the credit she deserves. Plus, Needed Me has lyrics to live your life by! About R9, I know Rihanna never stops making music but I feel like she is going to have so many projects in 2017 that I wouldn't expect album soon. I also think people should really get into the artistry of ANTI before she spoils us with another masterpiece.
  13. The remixes are really good, I am surprised. But still, the original >>>>>>>>>>>>.
  14. other

    LOTB is perfect to be featured in scenes that are supposed to make anyone cry. The song itself puts me in the feels. Also loved Stay in Bridget Jones.
  15. Twitter used to be this stan war battlefield but it was more natural back in the days. Now some people tweet shady shit 24/7 and do it all for RTs. Not only from Navy ofc, other fanbases do that too but I kinda laugh when Navy drags other fanbases for that when some do the exactly same thing. Some seriously sit there 24/7 shading people/artists and it's not cool no more. There are cliques etc. Twitter is no fun no more, it got so serious. Those twitter 'stars' are out of their minds. But I enjoy accounts like Joanne the Scammer tho lol.