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  1. The AMA's never sleeps on Rih, unlike the Grammy's. Either way, I'm so proud of her!
  2. M0st definitely.
  3. Woo is excellence. This iconic masterpiece has potential to top the charts. It's already doing good on some charts.
  4. I get'cha, but I feel like it has a bit of potential.
  5. It is, to be honest. "Never Ending" has been slept on way too much, and it makes me sad.
  6. Oh, my God. Imagine the visuals for Desperado.
  7. Which song on ANTI do you think deserves to be a single? In my opinion I think that Consideration should be a single. What about you?
  8. Wassup Nhevi? I'm so excited to interact with y'all on this brand new platform. Hmu. ^_^