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  1. Firefox just because I always used it & I like its cute little symbol...I mean - what's not to like about a 🔥 🐺? Cats or dogs?
  2. Autumn, I like spring, but autumn has to be my favourite season...❤️🍂🎃 ...forgot: Indoors or outdoors?
  3. Wallpaper ❤️ Lock screen 💗
  4. I find it difficult to connect with people over Twitter nowadays...I feel like I'm not "cool" enough coz I can't be bothered "dragging" others or participating in Stan Wars and I don't know many of the Oldschoolers from '09-'11 anymore...
  5. Anybody else here still embrace their inner child? 😄 Even aged 24 I still can't wait for the next Pokémon Games to be released - I know a lot of people jumped on the initial Pokémon GO hype train - but anybody else here like the little critters? Jessie x ❤️
  6. Jess or Jessie 😊
  7. I mostly draw comics, but have way too little time to dedicate to this big passion of mine...😞
  8. Hello lovely people... I am Jessie, 24, living in the UK, and been loving Rihanna since Pon De Replay really, but I got obsessed with her when I first heard SOS and especially Unfaithful. Her music has helped me overcome my difficult teenage years & I'm grateful for that. I used to be quite connected in the Navy, but now I just feel like I don't know anybody anymore. It's just not like the '09 Twitter anymore... Jessie x ❤️
  9. rihanna navy

    My story is bittersweet and I don't like to share it much anymore since I've been receiving a lot of hate coz of it in the past... Let me just say, I used to be very close to Robyn, she was like a big sister to me. We used to speak on BBM & I've still got a voicemail from when she tried to phone me once...I managed to help quite a few people get follows & mentions...but sadly someone had to ruin it at all. I miss her very much. But i still love her as much as ever. ❤️