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  1. Gaga is over her tributes to Madonna and Bowie. It seems her main influence now is none other than our very own. Who wore it better guys?
  2. She has Leandra manning her Snapchat and she barely goes on twitter, unless it's to promote. Where can we find robyn if it's not on instagram? At this stage we are better off stanning mdollas11...
  3. She freezes out 70% of her fanbase when she posts stuff like that. What average fan can afford a $900 pair of demin stillettos. Its crazy. Yh, she wants to promote her shoes and shes of liberty to so, but there's literally 8 posts about shoes alone in that screenshot above. Where's the personal touch that her instagram used to have?
  4. These lists for some reason always seem to neglect abd under value Janet jackson. If she's sold 50m just on 2 album sales (not including their single sales) then how is she not above Rihanna? Janet has just as much #1 singles and top tens to see her overall record sales go beyond 265m. I dont trust any source with these figures becausr no one knows for sure.
  5. Im trying my best to stay off twitter, so as a result, im here making pointless posts about Rihanna every bloody minute. badgalriri returned for a short while, but It was fun while it lasted. Rihannas instagram page seems to be a platform for her to advertise her crazy expensive stuff again. Dont get me wrong, i love that she is selling her brand (and doing so quite successfully) but i also miss the fun slutty selfies, the shady ass quotes/memes and the messy ass reads she used to post. It seems that after lui-gate she tries to pay the website as much dust as possible. But bitch it's about us, not instagram, not Puma, not Stance, not Manolo or any other goods you want to sell to us. Just post an underboob a pic and we good...
  6. I guess her sound is too local for the international charts. Roc Nation were a fool for thinking that they could replicate Rihanna. So many have tried (Amanda from Cover Drive, Little Nikki, Neon Jungle and Zara Larrson(soon to be the next great flop)) but dont have the IT factor that Fenty possesses.
  7. Another year, another very successful tour for Rhenna. I personally feel like shes improved so much as performer. Just look at the evolution of her LOTB performances. If you compare what she sounded like in March to now, you will notice the confidence she has in herself on hitting those notes and how flexible she is with it, each time. I think her LOTB, Desperado and FFS sets have put all the haters to rest about her not being able to sing. So anyways, it is reported that Pop's jack of all trades, master of none girlie, Rita Ora is dating Lewis Hamilton. so naturally, she wouldve been treated to a free viewing of the AWT set in Abu Dhabi. Mind you, she was probably taking as much notes as her notepad could fill during that concert. Lol. Shade aside, I really like Rita's (very short) discography and hope she continues to make music. Her music smashes the UK charts and I'm here for those bops that she puts out.
  8. Djtjdjdnrntjdmkdks the twitter beef that they had a few years back was legendary and sits in Rihanna's top 3 social media clapbacks, along with the beef she had with Ciara and TLC. Anyways it seems to the R&B singer/ Fade video model is over her one-sided rivalry with Rih and has been giving our fave props for a while now. She previously complimented Rih on a magazine shoot (Vogue Brazil possibly) a year or two ago on her instagram page and now shes back at it again. Yessssss Tey you betta stan bitch. Also check out Teyana's mixtape/album VII from 2 years ago. that shit still bumps. xox
  9. Skinny and gorgeous kween. Surely youve done a rihanna drawing with her henna tattoo as a pattern???
  10. These 3 pictures all pop up when you type Rihanna into google images and all three serve the fiercest of faces. Could this be the hairstyle that in 15-20 years time the new generation would be ranting and raving about when they think of the 10's decade? It initially looks like a wedding hairtyle, but I can see girlies going casual with it because of Rihanna. Its sleek, fierce and sexy. The inches at the back almost remind you of a stallions tail, brining a whole new meaning to the name 'Rihorse'. Could Rihanna's 2015 Ponytail be what the aaliyah side bang was to the 90s, the asymetrical bob sported by V Beckham, Keri Hilson and Rihanna herself was to the 00's and what Marilyn's platinum blonde cherub curls was to the 50s? Discusss
  11. The phrase Actor is now unisex. Apparently actress is dated and sexist 8n hollywood. Also its good to see rihanna take on a variety of movie projects. She really is dipping her toe into everything ; kid flicks, action blockbusters, horror, sci fi... I doubt she will neglect her actual singing career though. The problem with Rihannas music now is that they were recorded 2/3 years ago as opposed to it being made in the last year, like her last 4 albums, prior to ANTI, were. Im lowkey worried if what she will release will be current and not dated like certain Popstar's music is, which resorted in them relying heavily on visuals to sell the public their product.
  12. When they showed that less than 1 second footage of Rihanna on the 1 minute teaser of Valerian I was shocked. Hell they couldve at least dissected that minuscule screen time rihanna had into two parts so it AT LEAST looked like she was actually in the film... But yeah, they could be just showing us as little as possible of Rihanna to make us more excited for the movie so I guess we may have to wait for more. Her character's name is Bubble so if any of you have read the novel or whatever u may know how much involvement ri may actually have, but as for now im kinda disappointed by the lack of coconut queen in that small teaser.
  13. So cute! Majesty will soon be putting those Vietnamese/Korean girlies out of business.💅
  14. Feeling Myself and Telephobe doesnt stop the B*****e from attacking their supposed " allied fanbases" but kats and Navy seem to get along in general - most of the time...