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  1. I have a cardboard version!
  2. I don't draw, but I produce music and rap! I am working on my project, it is called Bloody Season. I don't have a song out yet, but soon!
  3. Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, a.k.a Joey Bada$$ Joey Badass is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He turned 21 y/o this year. Joey has been one of my biggest inspirations with Rihanna since I started listening to him back in 2012. He is very active, not only in the music scene, but also on television. He portrays the role of Leon in Mr. Robot (I suggest you to watch this TV Show, it's really addictive and it's my favorite so far with The Walking Dead and Bates Motel). Back in the days in 2011, him and his best friend Jamal Dewar Jr. (a.k.a Capital Steez), created a hip-hop collective. It is called Pro Era, shortcut for Progressive Era. They now have their own label : Pro Era Records. 23rd December, 2012. This night at midnight was the night Joey lost his best friend Capital Steez. Capital Steez comitted suicide by jumping off the Cinematic Music Group. Right before jumping, he Tweeted ''The End''. By the way, it is still on his Twitter. Why? No theory has been proven so far, but the most accurate one would be because of schizoprenia. Steez was an indigo child, among his best friends in Pro Era. He believed he was a Baphomet. Stills makes me tear up time to time, R.I.P Capital Steez, a beautiful angel. Let's get back to Joey now. His debut mixtape called ''1999'' dropped in 2012, only when he was 17 y/o. If you are interested, click here to listen to the mixtape. And then in 2013, he dropped another mixtape called ''Summer Knights''. A track called #LongLiveSteelo is on the mixtape, to pay honor to Capital Steez. In 2015, Joey dropped his debut album, B4.DA.$$ on the day of his birthday. That's basically it! I just wanted to introduce you to Joey, my favorite rapper and one of my biggest inspirations with Rihanna! You might want to take a look to Joey's music or Pro Era's music if you enjoy Boom Bap rap! Thanks you Navy!
  4. Mine is Riri at the Global Citizen Festival!
  5. rihanna navy

    Stanning Rihanna being 16 y/o. This WILL be a long text, more in a story form. Enjoy! Hello Navys! Last weekend was probably the best in my entire life. I attended the Global Citizen Festival in New York City, and just going to NYC for me is incredible! I am from Montreal so that is like a 6-7 hours ride. Ok so I have a pretty crazy story to tell you. Let's rewind a little! Friday, September 23rd. This is the day we arrived in the city that never sleeps. As soon as we arrived, we got our Hotel Room then we went in Times Square to enjoy the city. So, we were walking in Times Square, and when we went in the M&Ms shop we had free Wi-Fi so we went on Twitter and Instagram to see if we missed something. That is the moment when we saw a Pop-Up shop took place at like 10 minutes of walk from our restaurant where we ate (the Rockstar Cafe). So after we ate, we went to the pop-up shop. When we arrived, we were just lost for words when we saw the collection in front of us. We walked around the store, we met some awesome people, and the staff was incredible. They walked around the shop and arrived with food and drinks. This night, we also heard a 500$ giveaway card for Fenty's collection would happen, so we decided to stay until the shop closed. We tested out the T-Shirt because the hoodie was out of stock. And finally, we bought a hoodie each (keep in mind when we stepped in the shop, we never thought we would buy something in there, because it's kinda expensive for us). And then we stayed for the giveaway. Oh by the way, we met Kay from @rihannaoverdose on Instagram, and she's such a nice girl! A couple of moments later, she came to us (we were 3 friends together) and she started talking to us, saying she would feel bad to give the card to only one of us. When she said that, I LITERALLY STARTED SHAKING. She said that she knew we would split the 500$ of merch inbetween the 3 of us. WE WON THE FREAKING CARD! So for myself, I got the pants and the T-Shirt that I paid, and my friends got a Chocker, the vest and the grey T-Shirt. What a great night. The day of the show, Saturday, September 24th. 5:30 AM : BIP BIP! Alarm waked us up, we took our shower, ate and we took the bus at 6:00 AM. The nearest bus terminal was on the 41st street if I recall, so we had to walk a bit. Suddenly, we are in Central Park trying to find the waiting line. We searched a couple of minutes and then found it. At our arrival, maybe a hundred of people were waiting in line. I felt blessed. That's when I told myself we would have really nice places for a 70K people festival. 11:30 : It's been already a few hours that we've been waiting in line. By luck, a hot dog stand was right in front of us so he bought two hot-dogs, we were so hungry. 12:30 - 1:00 AM-PM: The staff makes us go in. The first were running so hard. Suddenly when they made everyone came in, we had to wait another hour maybe standing up. 1:30 : We passed the security, and we ran to get our places. When we arrived, we were in the 10 first rows. I still can't believe it. So basically the show goes on, Major Lazer and Mö were very impressing. Sadly, quarter of the crowd was dead. Me and my friends were dehydrated. Althought, we had a very fun moment. I think after it was Yandel. Around this moment, my friend went to pick us some water, and it was my turn when Demi Lovato plays. So the show goes on and suddenly I hear the sound of guitars very very loud. Boys and girls, please welcome METALICAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Rip my ears. Their show was great but way too loud. So after a couple of artists came, and it was the turn of Kendrick Lamar. I was really really excited to see him. He has been a rapper I have listened to for many years now and the show was really impressing. Wow. He is such a good performer. Loved his show. Then, only one artist was left. My queen, my idol, my role model, my favorite singer (I think you get the point). I started shaking when I heard : Ladies and Gentleman... Then Stay starts. I was almost crying. Well, I shed tears. I sang out all the lyrics in my head, because I had no voice left. Oh and, it was my second time in a lifetime and in 2016 that I saw Rihanna live. I attended the AWT in Montreal. But really, I appreciated the show better the second time. Even tho she had to cut off a couple songs, I enjoyed every single moment of the show. For the rest of the night, big smile was in my face as if I was the happiest 16 years old kid in the world. My friends and I probably had the best weekend in our life. Sorry for all the English mistakes, I am French and I wrote this in 30 minutes. Finally, here is a picture of us in the pop-up shop (btw, I bought my Shirt right away this picture, im the one on the right) :
  6. Hey guys! My name is Loïc, I am from Montreal, Canada and I am 16 y/o. I've been following her since the GGGB era and turned Navy late 2015. Ive been to 2 concerts of her : AWT in Montreal and the Global Citizen Festival in NYC.
  7. Hey guys. I have been mixing songs for a decent amount of time now, and I am taking requests from the Navy! Basically what I'll do is take the vocals from one song that was suggested and one instrumental of another suggested song and I will mix them together!

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      What Now and Rehab

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      Alright I'll let you know when it's done Liam!

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      OMG Thank You! :)

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