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  1. Actually guys! It's this but not the reloaded version.. it's not shiny but it opens the same way and is made of the same material
  2. No it's not that one I'm talking about, the case is made of cardboard and has the original illustration in blue. Can you guys post pictures? And do you know where I can get it?
  3. I've been thinking about it lately, and I think I'm crazy or something.. When GGGG was released in 2007, there was the regular case made of plastic but was there in some places of the world, a case version made of "paper/cardboard" (similar to TTTdeluxe, UNAdeluxe and ANTI)? Cause I remember when I was young I had the CD and I really think it was made of something else than plastic. If anyone remembers... Did it exist or am I crazy? And if I'm not crazy, is there any place I can still get this version, cause I totally lost it, I was 11 at that time and I really don't know where I put it Thank you for your help guys!
  4. Can you tell her I love her
  5. This album was a really really good one! Similar to Unapologetic by their ecliptic sound changing through out the whole album, ANTI did better by fitting each song onto another. They all blend in so perfectly. You just put that CD on and listen to it till the end no problem.
  6. #R9

    We still have a couple days... maybe this theory will, who knows?
  7. music

    Let's be real GUYS! At the first AWT she told us it would never be that long again so... It has to be NOV 17 or JAN 18
  8. Its still 30... Come on give us a video bad gal
  9. When this video comes, she's gonna wreck the world! Hope it brings it up to top 10
  10. It's just so relaxing listening to it When I feel the pain Now babe I won't complainI hear you say Look up the sun is just a cloud awayAnd now we're so afraid to cry When you need a wave to ride that the wayYou keep thundering thundering I'm wondering wondering why you keep thundering Won't you just fucking rain And get it over with
  11. I was 9 years old, she released pon de replay then the album and there was that promo on TV, it was the video of If it's loving that you want and they were promoting the album.. I instantly fell for this beautiful gorgeous girl and I was really in love. You know a 9 years old kid in love, I was deep in love. I went with my mom to buy the album and started listening to everything else and since that moment I follow her through every different genre she does and I love it. Whatever she does I love it. Every songs mean something to me and I feel related to what she is singing. I had a little break during the Rated R era cause I didn't know what was going on with her, no more long hair, depressed music and I couldn't understand what she was going through. Obviously I was 13 and couldn't feel what she was going through but I was lucky. I got to know and love the Rated R era at the same time Talk That Talk came out. So it was a 2 for 1 for me that year. Loud was beautiful and really made fall back in love with her. And since the last three era I just keep looking up to her to get my confidence and take my place as human being, Through her music, her style and her success I know I can do anything I want and be who I really am until the end. Also We found Love video had such a huge impact on me as a teenager. Every time I watch it, makes me relive those rebel years I was living, smoking pot and listening to Rih's music everyday.
  13. It has to be it! LOL ahahaaa
  14. Would've loved the whole performance but wow she really wanted it to feel like it and it worked
  15. This line was so poetic, I love it