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  1. She got the shirt from here >> i dont think it's available rn tho
  2. #R9

    Omg are u serious! Yay i really hope they push through with it i already now its going to be great
  3. I think she mentioned that she can't in the made in america festival
  4. #R9

    I dont think thats going to happen cos M.I.A. said she released her last album and shes gonna stop making music
  5. Are there any rupaul drag fans on this site? If yes, the come on and lets have a kiki about this magical show! lol first of all, whos ur fave drag race queen? and what do u think about Alaska winning all stars 2? I have mixed feelings about it tbh. Ive been waiting and praying for Alaska to win for the last 2 years but she went insane this season.. overall i think im happy for her tho and i think shes still my fave. i hope i find some drag race fans here, cos its the best show ever!
  6. so i did this drawing a couple of years ago but im still so proud of how it cane out. this small illustration was inspired by rih at the met gala afterparty 2015.these are the drawings im most proud of, sorry for posting too many but i was so happy when i saw this post
  7. Omg u r so talented!!
  8. Im obsessed with this album and the visuals! I listen to it every morning (after anti of course lol) but it really calms me down.
  9. Hey, my name is Meshail im 18 years old from middle east. been stanning rih since umbrella, my fave albums are anti and rated r. was at awt milan and i had so much fun. I would like to gain new navy friends xox twitter: illygorl
  10. fashion

    thank you godd!! Yes!