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  1. I have the cardboard version too! I distinctly remember buying it from Best Buy when it first came out here in the U.S.
  2. You're the real MVP! Definitely buying when it becomes available again.
  3. You have to be a U.S. citizen to vote. Sometimes I forget that she's not technically a U.S. citizen but a Barbadian citizen. But that shirt she wore, I want it! Managed to find a version of it on the internet haha.
  4. The Don Diablo remix is my favorite
  5. To be honest, this time around, I've always believed that Drake and Rihanna were close friends.
  6. Music Of The Sun A Girl Like Me Song: Let Me (wish she would perform this!) Song: P.S. I'm Still Not Over You (my absolute favorite Rih song) Video: Pon De Replay Video: Unfaithful Good Girl Gone Bad Song: Umbrella Video: Don't Stop The Music Rated R Loud Talk That Talk Unapologetic Song: Hard Song: What's My Name Song: Suck My Cockiness Song: Numb Video: Hard Video: Man Down Video: We Found Love Video: Pour It Up (such a bad gal) ANTI Song: Needed Me Video: Work R8 Promo Singles Collaborations/Others Song: FourFiveSeconds Song: Nothing Is Promised Video: Bitch Better Have My Money Video: Sledgehammer Needless to say, I love pretty much all of Rihanna's songs but honorable mentions are as follows: + Balad-anna: Now I Know and A Million Miles Away (Her ballads are so good, I feel like most people have slept on them) + If It's Lovin' That You Want - Pt. 2 +SOS +Watch N' Learn + Red Lipstick + ANTI: Yeah Said It (this song is so sensual! One of my favorites off of the timeless ANTI) + R8 Promo: American Oxygen
  7. How cool would it be if he directed the Love On The Brain video? Picture it: a short movie, a 50s doo-wop/The Supremes vibes. Rih singing in a small cabaret venue and it cuts to scenes of her in her dressing room smoking and drinking a glass of wine, emotional and singing about love on the brain. AND then transitioning to Higher.
  8. Can't wait for the video!
  9. #R9

    I feel like RIh has recorded a lot of material during her hiatus, which leads me to believe R9 could come out next year. A Q3 2017 release would make sense because there is still a lot of heat with ANTI. Love on the Brain is about to impact radio and it's reported that Sex With Me will be the next single after LOTB. Plus she'll probably perform at the Grammy's which will give ANTI a further boost in February. Maybe we'll get an R9 single around April/May and have another summer jam!
  10. I completely agree. Her show is enjoyable to watch sometimes, but the minute she talks negative about Rih, NOPE!
  11. event

    I essentially went alone to the AWT shows I went to. I won tickets to both of her LA shows, but I couldn't find any friends to go with (I still went though). And for the San Diego show, my friends were too cheap to get floor seats so I just sat by myself near the stage haha. But I made friends where ever I sat so it wasn't as bad as I expected
  12. It would be nice if she performed Pon De Replay. I can't remember the last time she did that song live. It would also be dope if she did some of the lesser known songs off of her albums like P.S. (I'm still not over you) ---> my personal favorite.
  13. I smell a 15th #1! Love on the Brain is that song
  14. RastafaRIH!