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  1. We don't know if it is done yet, we have not seen LOTB video either. She is seriously doing so much this Era!
  2. I am sure it is coming
  3. Rihanna has changed her facebook background to Love on the Brain!! IT IS COMING GUYS
  4. Grats @RihannaDaily for finally getting verified on Twitter!!!
  5. I must say I'm amazed at all of you for your work! What a wonderful and creative fanbase. Keep doing more & keep doing what you love
  6. ShexLuke made a version and it's the closest we'll get to an official here it is and I made a video for that version
  7. She really always talks about RIhanna that way.. Always. Why I stopped watching her show, what kind of woman talks about another successful one like she knows her personal life. Hope Rih ends her or catches her one day and puts her in check.
  8. Creative AF!! I love this one
  9. thank you dear! I find your work so amazing, so much detail in a page.
  10. I actually always loved art since as far as I could remember.. Lucky for me I enjoy doing mostly Rihanna related art alot lately I do video edits and some sketches as well as pic edits of her! Here's some links to my video edits: Close To You Goodnight Gotham 1 2 Towards The Sun AntiDiary R6 Edit Kiss It Better AntiDiary Tribute We Found Love x How Deep Is Your Love Remix Needed Me AWT Intro
  11. I don't like her music that much but she's a very good performer and can sing her ass off.. Rih loves her and idk why the stans go back and forth
  12. my thoughts exactly or same old mistakes. Just because I think Consideration would have some pretty cool looking visuals especially with SZA being part of it. Or SOM because the song speaks volumes on ANTI itself.
  13. She always looks so beautiful in Red
  14. My favorite song has always been where have you been. From the visuals to the dancing. Diamonds and now sledgehammer. As far as my favorites from anti i'd say SOM and GG
  15. #R9

    R9 R9 R9 she promised she will never make us wait that long anymore hehe.