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  1. I like her music and she sings really good but i hate the Beyhive so much they are so problematic always trying to start drama and get jealous of everything that Rihanna does
  2. Consideration ❤️
  3. This will be a topic dedicated to the world's cutest couple Drake & Rihanna ❤️{AubRih}
  4. thoughts

    I love her dreads! 😍They look so good on her and she looks so beautiful in this selfie
  5. Hi, I'm 14 years old, from NY and live in FL and I've been a Rihanna fan since 2007 (GGGB era) I was 5 and that's when I first knew who she was and Umbrella was my song, I used to watch the video so many times. I always loved Rihanna and i still do. I'm probably the youngest on this site almost everyone on here is like 15,16, 17, 18, + I recently saw her at the GC festival in NYC 2 weeks ago, she slayed and looked so beautiful! that was like how i found out too! my older brother, sister, and cousins showed me.