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  1. Yup, that's right, Flop it Better has sold 1,000,000 copies in the USA recently. I thought this song wouldn't ever pass the gold certification but it actually did. Congrats Rihanna!
  2. Yeah but the research done on all of the artists seem pretty reasonable. They simply keep track of an artist's records sold and then compare it to claimed sales from websites that seem trustworthy enough and rank the artists based on that. I would seriously trust Billboard and MTV and such in 99% of the cases, but they keep shifting the claim of how much Rihanna sold so much when they speak of her records sold, so at this point they seem really unable to give us a solid figure.
  3. I've seen many Rihanna fan pages claiming that Rihanna has sold 250, 260, and even 280M records sold (worldwide) but I believe they're just picking whatever sales they see on a "news" page and stick with whatever's the highest. The thing is, this Wikipedia article states that Rihanna has 201M certified units, while backing up proof for 200M records sold by two articles (and many more articles, but only two were needed.) HOWEVER, the MTV EMA page states that Rihanna has sold 264M records worldwide http://tv.mtvema.com/_/rihanna and Billboard said she has sold over 275M record worldwide http://www.billboardmusicawards.com/2016/05/rihanna-perform-2016-bbmas/ . I'm starting to believe Billboard and MTV have inflated her sales drastically - as none of them seem accurate. Almost all places that had articles about Rihanna and briefly mention her sales stated she had sold over 200M records (what her label claims -- already having a 1.1M records above the claim, according to the Wikipedia article) and all of a sudden, 5 months forward, she has 64~75M records appearing out of nowhere? What do you all think about it?
  4. While I agree with you, MTV said she's at 264M and Billboard said she's at 275M which seem unrealistically high for those who are tracking her sales, in which they allow a margin of error of about 20-30%; which to speak of, Wikipedia is one of those that track her sales while keeping them realistic which recently bumped it into 230M.
  5. LOTB is now #13 on Billboard Hot 100 and is #7 on the US radio.
  6. LOTB is #8 on the radio.
  8. Well I Googled for a bit and this came out, could it be this? I know that the Rihanna picture with purple background and all that shiz are from GGGB UK Deluxe Edition.
  9. This isn't very accurate. Celine never had an article about her or an interview where they said she sold 250M+, and same case with Madonna, no one ever said 350M+. People have always said about Whitney and Mariah 200M+ but they don't have as much certified units as Rihanna, they've always been peaked at 170~200M. (Yet Mariah always makes the interviewers call her the 'best selling female'). Right now Wikipedia has seemingly always been very accurate (yes, surprisingly Wikipedia has been accurate) and precise in its recordings, while other sources inflated these artists' sales like crazy. They don't have proof it's what they sold, even Disney itself said Mariah's is 200M+. If Mariah truly sold 210, Rihanna is known to have neared 215M certified units anyways, that guy is off by 10~12M units. He's almost an accurate source, which is great, but it is not perfect.
  10. The title read 'exclusive' so that's why I asked what do they actually mean by that when it was already made a year ago. I assumed it was posted by a news page earlier this month that said 'exclusive' and you found it, but I guess it was a mere throwback post like you said.
  13. LOVE ON THE BRAIN IS PLATINUM. Also, LOTB reached a new peak of #16 on the Billboart Hot 100! #17* not 16. Can't edit the post.
  14. LOTB is #10 on US iTunes!!
  15. Welp, it seems Aubrih is over. Drake is dating Jennifer Lopez now (really.. why does she always date men much younger than her, lawl) and he is even making new music with her.
  16. I'm not sure what is exclusive about this interview as they said, there was an article about this last year in January already. Interesting to see how Beyoncé did actually help in Rihanna's advancing.
  17. LOTB reached a new peak of #19 on Billboard Hot 100, a new peak of #10 on US radio, and is #15 on US iTunes.
  18. So... MTV just posted this on their Instagram. "Christmas on the Brain". This could mean that they're going to do a promo of the video or possibly show all of it during Christmas! What do you guys think this means? It could be just a festive holiday picture MTV posted.
  19. music

    Well we might get something new this year, but we don't have any progress report about her 9th album yet, so I don't think it is soon; probably at the end of the year or by the summer perhaps.
  20. I think the album itself is great, but it isn't better than her previous albums. It has some amazing songs such as Kiss it Better and Work and few other songs that are subjective (and fun, such as Pose/Sex With Me.) I think this whole era is kind of a mess in advertisement, but Rihanna proved she kind of doesn't need the advertisement? Rihanna has proven to be very busy this era, and I'm a bit upset she isn't posting frequently on her social media! She is mainly using Instagram but it isn't fun posts like they used to be.
  21. Imagine hating Rihanna and actually have to watch her win all the awards and sell all of these music in the world.

    1. Davidz999


      It could be so painful:D:D

  22. Didn't update in a while. LOTB dropped to 22 this week and is expected to reach a new peak of #19 next week. LOTB is #14 on the US radio as well.
  23. This website gave a summary of Rihanna and Dirzzy's relationship and it's so accurate it makes me baffled how their relationship has been a mess. http://www.contactmusic.com/drake/news/drake-and-rihanna-s-relationship_5524193
  24. Nah.