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  1. Hello I'm Ace I am 23 years old I have been a navy since the pre unapologetic era / talk that talk era, I have always loved Rihanna's music since pon de replay and shes always had a place in my music library , iPods etc but I never really connected the song with rihanna ( obviously I knew it was by her but I liked the song much more if that makes any sense) and it wasn't until I herd WHYB that I just fell in love with Riri. I Remeber always skipping that song when it would play on pandora but 1 time I let it play and realized it was a really good song and I also remeber hearing it at a hooka bar and after that I become totally obsessed with it! .. it also led me to look into rihanna more as an artist and I realized how fucken dope she really was obviously I knew who she was and seen her everywhere but I just didn't know that she was much more than all those hits she had!! I know I haven't been a navy for a long time like many of you but I am glad I am now !! There is no other artist that I have had so much love and interest like Our bad gal riri!! I just hope she keep doing her and keep winding out the best pop music 👑👑👑 but yea I just wanted to tell ya about how I became navy & hope to hear from ya 2 !! 🎈🎈🎈
  2. Hello I am 23 years old been a navy since the unapologetic era but the thing is Rihanna has always had a place in my music library since she first came out with pon de replay that was when I was about 10 years old, I never stanned Riri I never worried about her persona but i was subconsciously always in love with her music like I said she's always had a presence in my music library but it wasn't until the pre unapologetic era when I found out how phucken dope she is!!!! Just everything about her plus her dope sounding music made me fall in love with her and now I don't go a day without listening to Riri (especially work that's still my shit!!) like her music really gets me through things and I could never get tired of it I have never before loved an artist as a whole as I do rihanna I just hope she keeps on doing her thing and keeps putting out the best pop music 👑👑👑