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  1. music

    You need new music? Ohhh Rihanna taught me patience sooooo sooo much. The ANTI album don't make me bored from relased until now. I need more attention for ANTI. This is my fav album ever heard, and i swear i am not a navy from 2016, i am love with her since 2007. This is masterpice, what she did.
  2. They look like Mother and son
  3. that would be the best gift for Christmas <3
  4. I am so proud!
  5. Don't forget that the UNAPOLOGETIC album got GRAMMY My top 5: #1 Pour it up #2 Lost in paradise #3 Diamonds #4 Phresh out the runway #5 Numb Fav video: Diamonds
  6. Poland #6! Without video!
  7. FootwearNews named #THECREEPER sneaker from FentyxPuma Shoe of the Year! What do you think about Rihanna and Puma collaboration? Do you have The Creeper? If you have, add your photo in this post. My Creeper:
  8. I really will die when she put video for LOTB with long braids <3
  9. Sneak peek from LOTB video. Do you think is that true?
  10. In Poland this song is very popular now in radio stations.
  11. Hi Evryone Happy Halloween Are you dressing up for Halloween? If yes, show us your outfit/cosplay or meybe you inspired a Rihanna disguise?
  12. Is my dreaming ;( But, this song need video, many my friend love this song, i am so startled that too many ppl in my country speaks well about this song <3
  13. I think Rihanna should LOTB video come out in 2016. The ANTI era cant stop now. There are so many great songs who need attention like Desperado. If she really want to be ANTI, she need release Sex with me for last single. Why? Cos I dont know any Artist who take for single, track from deluxe CD and promote this. This would be rebel and anti move in music world. Next time for break, cos many ppl will be boring so ... the best time for relase new album (aka R9) will be 2017 fourth quarter or 2018 in January
  14. I think she will show video in a big event.