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  1. The only albums by female this decade with the most weeks in Top 10: 21 (84 wks) 1989 (59 wks) 25 (35 wks) ANTI (33 wks) CR: @Musicnews_Rih on twitter this is so HUGE! cant believe ANTI is still in Top 10 after 8 months released, less promo, 1,4M free copies, & is in the streaming era. who does that guys? Legend. lets spell it together. L.E.G.E.N.D. do you guys think ANTI will surpass 35 weeks in Top 10 or even 40 weeks in Top 10? i think ANTI will remain in Top 10 next week. but im not sure if she can surpass 40 weeks or even 38 weeks in top 10 UNLESS if she promote it, ugh. She's such ANTI-Promo. She wouldve spend 36 weeks in Top 10 now, she fell off the top 10 due to those releases -,- what about your opinion guys?
  2. i dont have the link now but they did claimed Rihanna sold 264M Records before the ANTI Era. she's coming for Madonna.
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    Lmfaooo right ^
  4. Billboard claimed Rihanna has sold 264M records before the ANTI Era began, & i think she has sold around 285M Records now. Work - 7M TIWYCF - 5,6M Needed Me - 1,6M KIB (it sold around 200k in US so probably 400k WW) Too Good - 2M ANTI - 2,7M include samsung + Rihanna IS the 2nd best selling female behind madonna guys. Madonna didnt sell 400M nor 500M records. She sold around 330-340M Records.