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  1. rihanna navy

    So I did this... I decorated my christmas tree with Rihanna's discography (if you can't see them: GGGB is on the bottom left and RR bottom right). I did this temporarily because the CDs kept falling and I have cats and their cases would be broken in less than a minute, otherwise I wouldn't mind to do it permanently. The order is not from the most favorite to the least favorite, it's by release order (bottom to top). I've received a lot of compliments from the Navy (not only) and I can't be more happy! Hope you guys enjoy it as well! PS: a lot of people are stealing this pic and posting it without tagging me, so please, if you want to post it to your account I don't mind, I really don't mind, but at least tag me (on Twitter: @woo7me // on IG: @riript). Imagine Rihanna sees it on a profile that didn't even tag me, I'd be devastated. So I hope you do! Merry ChRIHstmas everyone! ❤
  2. I guess so. She's been so busy lately, a true workaholic.
  3. Is it weird that Rihanna hasn't announced her 3rd Annual Diamond Ball yet? Will we have one this year? She always announce it during November and we have just entered in December,
  4. I love her too! I'm glad she's back to SNL!
  5. ANTI - Yeah, I Said It, Same Ol' Mistakes, Woo, Never Ending and Kiss It Better. Unapologetic - What Now, No Love Allowed, Numb and Loveeeeeee Song. Talk That Talk - We All Want Love, Drunk On Love, Farewell and Fool In Love. Loud - Skin and California King Bed. Rated R - Cold Case Love, Photographs, The Last Song, Fire Bomb, G4L and Rockstar 101. Good Girl Gone Bad - Question Existing and Breaking Dishes. A Girl Like Me - Final Goodbye and A Million Miles Away. Music Of The Sun - If It's Lovin' That You Want, Willing To Wait, The Last Time, You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) and Music Of The Sun. Home - As Real As You And Me.
  6. Now we know how "We Found Love" was created...
  7. YESSS! I love this Top 5!
  8. And was Rihanna's first album to top the Billboard Hot 200!
  9. What Now, Yeah, I Said It and Skin!
  10. Unapologetic celebrates four years of existence today! FOUR YEARS! This album was game changing in my opinion because after this album being released Rihanna's vocals started to grow in an amazing scale. She did three amazing tours during this era and we all saw her vocal growth: 777 Tour, Diamonds World Tour and The Monster Tour. We had Diamonds, Stay, Pour It Up, Right Now, What Now, Can't Remember To Forget You, The Monster, Bad (Remix)... So many good singles and collaborations that we never expected to happen (like the Shakira one). And let's talk about the artwork for the cover of the album... It's amazing. She really was unapologetic and expressed that with her body + art which = perfection. We had amazing videos too. From great productions (Diamonds) to the most simple videos ever (Stay) they were all well done and amazing! My favorite video of the whole era (and of her whole career, imo) is What Now... God, that video is everything. Its production is simple too. It has a lot of meaning and makes you think about life. We can tell the frustration she's in. And the passages from the lost ambiance to the dark ambiance are fantastic. Here's my top 5 from the album: #1 What Now #2 Stay #3 Numb #4 Jump #5 No Love Allowed What's your top 5 and your favorite video?
  11. OMG! I hope you meet Rihanna!
  12. *a Rihanna song starts playing on the radio*
    Friend: *changes the radio station*


  13. To be honest I only like one and it's the Gigamesh Remix! I think Love On The Brain is a song that shouldn't be more touched, it's already a masterpiece. On the other side these remixes will help with streaming!
  14. I hope that happens but we know Rih... Lazy af on the promo side, which I like but on the other side it's less people that get to know her songs so it would be good!.
  15. Yeah, the navy keep voting or retweeting more than 1 time. I understand that they care and all but before I start voting on any award thing I check the rules first.