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  1. I would say so many. But mostly from "Where Have You Been". It's like i've gave up on my love life due my collage/work stuff. And even when i do have dates no one usually gets it. I do always say i won't always be free to go out because i'm doing my PhD degree + work and everyone is like "that's ok" at first but later they're like "i can't deal with this..., , just hang out with your university" etc so i'm like where have you been?
  2. Petty much same. I'd add BBHMM too.
  3. YESSSS! Tweet tweet tweet Rih even RT-ed one tweet!
  4. Loved her since (You Drive Me) Crazy & still do. Her old songs and performances will remain in the history of pop. When i comes to newer stuff... I loved Circus but Femme Fatale not so much. I'm glad to see that she's finally in a happy place after all that mess. I mean she'll never be the old Britney but she has made a HUGE progress.
  5. event

    Definitely the best tour ever. Diamonds was amazing but ANTI was spectacular. Set list, costumes, hair styles...everything was literal definition of perfection.
  6. Exciting news!!! PumaxFenty, Kiss, maybe new album.... Rih wants us broke lol
  7. A picture of from Sziget Festival. The one where she has a hoodie on.
  8. Twitter all the way! Facebook is just plain boring. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
  9. Hey everyone! I'm Ana, and i'm 26. I'm from Serbia and i've been Rih's fan since SOS music video. I"ve seen her 6 times so far. She was visiting my city on her GGGB tour, few years after i've seen her in Budapest on Diamonds Tour and finally i've seen AWT 3 times including Sziget festival. My biggest passion are HQ pictures of Rih and if you have some requests regarding some photoshoots or events or anything feel free to contact me.
  10. f you had to choose one signature hit that defines Rihanna what would it be?
  11. This one is tough. I have so so many but here are some... Drunk On Love, Fool In Love, Where Have You Been, Pour It Up, Desperado, Needed Me... still so many. Also "All Of The Light" even though it's featuring.
  12. I truly hope she wins at least 6! We need to tweet our asses off!!!