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  1. Now the fans are going insane lol good luck
  2. How much expensive?
  3. #R9

    It would be amazing if this was somehow, the ANTI pt. II With some reggae, hip-hop, bounce and trap songs. ANTI was very 80's pastiche, r&b, soul. That Tinashe songs sounds so demo-ish, I hope it's not on the album.
  4. Pose def was a match Cockiness is a classic And new arrangements for old songs would be good
  5. Act I: 1) Stay/Close To You 2) Woo/Sex With Me 3) Pose 4) Birthday Cake/Pour It Up/Numb 5) Cockiness 6) Bitch Better Have My Money 7) Nothing's Promised Act II: 8) Consideration 9) Umbrella 10) Desperado 11) Needed Me Act III: 12) If It's Lovin That You Want 13) Work 14) Rude Boy 15) Man Down 16) Watch N' Learn 17) We Found Love/How Deep Is Your Love 18) Where Have You Been Act IV: 19) Rockstar 101 20) Fire Bomb (one of her best songs imo) 21) Roc Me Out 22) Diamonds Act V: 23) Same Old Mistakes 24) Love On The Brain 25) Kiss it Better