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  1. So Rihanna announced a project concerning a documentary with director Peter Berg even before the release of ANTi, they filmed a lot,also we saw a lot of cameras at the ANTI World Tour and Berg also officially announced the project more than a half year ago. But still we got no information from Rihanna´s team. I kind of feel like we never gonna see that film or whatever they have planned because the era and the tour is over now and I can´t image that she comes up with the documentary now. What do you guys think? I think that would have been the perfect close for the era and the year especially around christmas time now (presents etc.)...
  2. So it´s been about a year that Rihanna officially announced ANTi and 10 months since it`s release. She showed us four singles (Work,Kiss It Better,Needed Me and Love On The Brain) and a world tour with 75 concerts (ANTI World Tour). Now I ask myself if it´s time for the next era. I mean let´s be honest there are no more songs to show up at BB Hot 100 from the album and she already had notable and amazing performances at Brit Awards,Billboard Music Awards and VMA´s. I think the only thing left is the AWT DVD and then we can focus on the next album instead of waiting for the next single. What do you think?
  3. I think she won`t, I´m sorry but I think the ANTi era is kind of over.
  4. What would you think about a greatest hits album for 2017? I think she has so many projects for next year so she won`t release new music very soon,but a greatest hits album + maybe a little tour with some big stadium concerts (with Eminem or Drake) would be fantastic, I mean she is in the business for 12 years then. She could do a greatest hits with her number one hits only. Which songs would you wanna hear on an album like that?