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  1. I hope for this year or early next year.
  2. MOTS: Willing To Wait AGLM: A Girl Like Me GGGB: Say It RR: Photographs L: Fading TTT: Farewell U: Get It Over With A: Never Ending
  3. I adore A Girl Like Me (it's my second fave album). It changes with every release she makes. At first it was Unfaithful, then it was Farewell later replaced by What Now but as of now it's Close To You.
  4. #R9

    Summer 2017 sounds good. Since ANTi came out in January I don't know what to think when she will drop a new album. Sometimes I think November - January could be a release date but it won't happen.
  5. would've been a great release date. I wonder what songs were included for it on that date.
  6. SOS, Umbrella, Rude Boy, Only Girl (In The World), We Found Love, Diamonds & Work
  7. Sometimes I think it will follow KIB but with a good video it could be a good single for her.
  8. the only thing I want from her is R9 next year and a tour.
  9. My fave video is What Now. My Top 5: 1. What Now 2. Stay 3. Get It Over With 4. Numb 5. Fresh Off The Runway
  10. As long as she is happy with her hair, I'm happy too.
  11. first of all balck is not her real hair colour and second I think she stopped because her hair slowly fell apart/got demaged in 2012/2013. She had blank spaces in her side cut back in 2012/2013. This could be the reason why she didn't changed it. I don't want to see Rih hairless and with wigs.
  12. I hope not. I want at least 2 more singles (Desperado & Consideration) and music videos. I want Close To You at the Grammys and more Interviews.