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  1. #R9

    I need more songs like Love On The Brain and Higher and I want R9 to have a bit of Music of The Sun in it... I need some reggae-inspired stuff nd bops like Let Me. Rih, if you ever read this... PLEASE ME!
  2. Love On The Brain has been my fave song by Rih since the first moment I listened to it. I just can't get bored of it, it gets me everytime and I feel offended when I see how underrated this song is, even if it's being released as the fourth single off ANTi . But anyways! I got some other faves: What Now because it came out in a time where I was feeling kind of ''lost'' (hehe ) and Where Have You Been, What's My Name and Phresh are bops that have been making my scalp bleed all these years.