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  1. def not over lol. LOTB is expected to go to #5 on the hot 100 tomorrow. i dont think shes gonna drop a video for LOTB but from that paparazzi video RDaily posted i dont think its in her control. she should release sex with me as a single too tho (i hope) because the dance remixes came out
  2. really? most of my friends dont like LOTB unfortunately
  3. hey natalie! ive been a follower of rihanna daily since last october to start keeping up with when rihanna is gonna come out with anti, but i ended up turning on twitter notifications and havent had them off since. i love you and rodrigo on twitter and instagram!! i was wondering if you knew if it was possible to attend the diamond ball thats supposed to be happening next month, i would LOVE to go. please let me know!!

  4. So the diamond ball is coming up soon... does anyone know how to score tickets?? it hasnt been announced yet or anything but id love to be on top of it and if anyone knows how to attend please comment below and share with the rest of us!