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  1. The only one who sucksis YOU. #RihannaSlays
  2. Do you think our queen will release new music in 2017? Any news or thoughts? I heard that Nick Gramshaw announced that she is up to release new music soon. Feel free to write. X, M.
  3. I think the music video of LTOB will never arrive #R9 should be released. NOW.
  4. Kiss it Kiss it Better babyyyyyyyyy
  5. She should keep the LOTB music-video and give us #R9 ... NOW!
  6. I just need #R9 .. I don't need films, perfumes, shoes from her. I just want good ballads and m*therfuckin pop-bangers.
  7. I think ANTI isn't the best era from her. I loved songs like "Diamonds, Stay" etc. The only song on ANTI i loved from the beginning was "Close to you" ... The song never got attention... So sad.
  8. I hope she'll release #R9 later this year. Cant wait for new music from her. ♥
  9. Do you think ANTI was a good album or was it a bad album? What's you opinion? I never liked the era of this album. It was a mess in my eyes. Some songs on the album are brilliant.. Others are totally crap. What 'R you thoughts?
  10. music

    I don't know.. I'm waiting since 2012 for a new album. Anti never touched me. It's my opinion.
  11. I like Kiss it better more than Sex with me.
  12. LOTB is Rihanna's song, so she should sing it. Nobody else.
  13. music

    What are your thoughts about #R9? When will it be released? #ineednewmusicfromher
  14. » rihanna is queen