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  1. It was late. Really late. Past 1 AM, actually. A rental car center in Las Vegas. Been traveling all day. Just wanted to sleep. And they were so slow. It took us over 45 minutes just to get the car we reserved. Over the past week or so I had been reading Trouble Boys, the biography of the Replacements. Then, in the halfawake halfasleep hell scape dream world I was in, this song comes on the overhead speakers. Remembered from a couple years back. I liked it well enough. Always liked Rihanna, to be honest. But what I heard in my head was a straight up on rock song. Played directly with drums guitar and bass and without pretension. Like the Replacements. This would have made a great Replacements song. Well, this is not the Replacements. It is my attempt to actualize that really weird place I was, both mentally and physically, on that late late night in a car rental center in Las Vegas.