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  1. Do you think our queen will release new music in 2017? Any news or thoughts? I heard that Nick Gramshaw announced that she is up to release new music soon. Feel free to write. X, M.
  2. Hello, my name is Anna and I've just joined. Professionally, I am connected to Anegis consulting where I supervise the implementation of ERP systems. I've been in love in Rihanna and her songs since I remember. I hope to get in touch with her other fans. Maybe we'll go to a concert together and start a new friendship?:) I do not have many friends outside work and they are definitely not fans of Rihanna:) Hope to hear from you.
  3. "Rihanna's visit to the Aquarium was a blast. You never know how exclusive tours like this are going to turn out, but this visit was amazing!" - Dr Patrick Garratt – Managing Director of the Two Oceans Aquarium There were about 20 people in her group, including her family, and the Nemo exhibit stopped them “dead in their tracks”. We were there for about 15 minutes and the flashes were going non-stop. Her family and their professional photographer must have got some wonderful shots. Throwing in a little info on sex change certainly piqued their interest before we moved on to the “jewels” of the Aquarium – those small exquisite displays that show off the beauty and complexity of the oceans. Rihanna was enthralled with the backlit shark egg cases with their babies writhing around inside. Evening is the most beautiful time of day to visit the Aquarium (join us during our extended hours – from 16 December 2013 until 12 January 2014 we are open from 09h00 until 20h00) and it took some time to get past the jellies, octopus, soles and Knysna seahorses. The octopus was a star performer, moving about on the inner surface of the glass and appearing to “communicate” with Rihanna. There is nothing like getting special attention from a wild animal! Turning the corner we came face to face with the giant spider crabs, and the group could not believe what they were seeing. Again, the cameras clicked and Rihanna started mimicking the crabs. She had realised by this time that an aquarium offers a photographic extravaganza. Again, I added a little to the experience by asking if they could see a face in the abdomen of one of the crabs standing against the glass. There were great exclamations when they realised that they could see the face of a Samurai warrior. I then shared an account of a great Japanese sea battle in which the young emperor, seeing that the battle was lost, threw himself into the water with his Samurai warriors. The legend has it that the emperor and his warriors turned into crabs and have been wandering the floor of the ocean ever since. Taking the ramp, we entered Frogs beyond the Pond and, being in the entertainment business, the group was enthralled by the frog puppet show. There was a mixture of hilarity at seeing the frog actors, and sober nodding as they heard the urgent messages of the actors. All the while Rihanna had been asking when we were going to see the penguins. We entered the Sappi River Meander and she gasped at its authenticity and the waves washing against the beach. And there were the African penguins – the animals that she had wanted to see above all else. Again the cameras clicked. After a while I asked if she would like to step on to the beach to join the penguins. Not believing her luck, we hopped across the water on to the beach and her photographer took some beautiful shots. By this time I realised that Rihanna was making the most of every moment and that there had been excitement and laughter all the way – it was a tour of a lifetime. Before we knew it, almost two hours had passed and it was time to go – so they thought! They had not reckoned on the majesty of the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest and the I&J Predatorexhibits. It was in front of the I&J Predator Exhibit that we stopped briefly for pictures of Rihanna and the “Professor”, as I had been dubbed by her mum. The group tried to get past the I&J Predator Exhibit quickly – but who has ever been able to do that? They left the Aquarium 20 minutes later with big smiles and effusive thanks. Staff members Kath Thorne, Amina Hoosain and I waved them goodbye, marvelling at what an incredible evening it had been!
  4. Win Rihanna's new 8LP vinyl box set! Enter by March 8th!
  5. Do you think ANTI was a good album or was it a bad album? What's you opinion? I never liked the era of this album. It was a mess in my eyes. Some songs on the album are brilliant.. Others are totally crap. What 'R you thoughts?
  6. I feel Consideration is Rih's answer to Question Existing or that Consideration is Question Existing older sister.
  7. other

    In this topic post anything related to Rihanna found around you. You heard Rihanna's song in a movie? Post about it, you saw Rihanna graffitii on a street? Post it here. You saw somewhere wearing something from/with Rihanna? Post it here. You saw someone coping Rihanna's style - post it here ;-)
  8. As many of us are Rihanna fans, a lot of us are choosing usernames related to her songs, albums, tours, and the like, so I thought, what am I supposed to call everyone in a post? It would seem awkward to say: "I agree with you, AntiWorldTour" . So I'm wondering what should I call ya'll with! I'm not asking for your real names, just for internet aliases you use and might want to be called with, or, heck, your real name if you want. For me? Well, you can call me Aurora or Laura, whatever rocks your boat . A and L are my first and middle names, so I'm known by both!
  9. Insert your social media if you do follow4follow and I'll follow you
  10. Rihanna scored one MOBO Awards nomination in Best International Act category! Anderson .Paak Beyoncé Bryson Tiller Chance The Rapper DJ Khaled Drake Frank Ocean Justin Bieber Kanye West Kaytranada Major Lazer PARTYNEXTDOOR Rihanna Tony Lanez Travis Scott VOTE HERE The category will be reduced to 5 nominees on October 17