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  1. Well, the ANTI era is slowly coming to an end, and it's so crazy that we still don't have the full photoshoot! There's some looks I'm sure we still haven't seen, as well as some that we have, but only have a few shots of. I find it so weird that her best album and most different photoshoot lacks the proper attention. The Navy wants to see the rest of this shoot so bad! I don't know how we would obtain them, but hopefully Rihanna Daily has a few they'd be willing to release. I've tried contacting a few photographers and agencies who helped in the photoshoot and with some advertising/promo using the ANTI pics, but so far all they've said is that they can't release them. I really want to get the whole ANTI photoshoot in HQ! WOWOWOW!
  2. So Rihanna announced a project concerning a documentary with director Peter Berg even before the release of ANTi, they filmed a lot,also we saw a lot of cameras at the ANTI World Tour and Berg also officially announced the project more than a half year ago. But still we got no information from Rihanna´s team. I kind of feel like we never gonna see that film or whatever they have planned because the era and the tour is over now and I can´t image that she comes up with the documentary now. What do you guys think? I think that would have been the perfect close for the era and the year especially around christmas time now (presents etc.)...
  3. RiRi teaches her niece Majesty how to paint her nails!
  4. Last Friday Night!
  5. This will be a topic dedicated to the world's cutest couple Drake & Rihanna ❤️{AubRih}