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  1. Hi Guys, I've been trying to look for a place to send Rih fanmail for years and don't know where to send it. Do you all know?
  2. Win Rihanna's new 8LP vinyl box set! Enter by March 8th!
  3. Hi Navy! How are you doing? Hope well. Anyway, I was thinking about something. Can you imagine a hypothetic Navy Meeting... I mean a great meeting where a lot of Navy can meet each other and talk about our Queen Rih or anything else. What do u think? I know it would be so hard to join it for most of us (economic reasons ect) but I think it would be a great thing, If I'm not wrong, a couple years ago people were talking about a Global Navy Meeting in London... Anyway it was just my thought... What do you think? Lemme know.
  4. #R9

    Updates and thoughts about R9 here! I think Rihanna will be having a couple of movies next year. If she's doing the documentary next year she should release that with like a greatest hits album or a tour live album maybe with a few new songs? Then lay low and do FentyxPuma and then late 2018 release an album and tour in 2019. She probs wont do that but that would be ideal for me.
  5. rihanna navy

    So I did this... I decorated my christmas tree with Rihanna's discography (if you can't see them: GGGB is on the bottom left and RR bottom right). I did this temporarily because the CDs kept falling and I have cats and their cases would be broken in less than a minute, otherwise I wouldn't mind to do it permanently. The order is not from the most favorite to the least favorite, it's by release order (bottom to top). I've received a lot of compliments from the Navy (not only) and I can't be more happy! Hope you guys enjoy it as well! PS: a lot of people are stealing this pic and posting it without tagging me, so please, if you want to post it to your account I don't mind, I really don't mind, but at least tag me (on Twitter: @woo7me // on IG: @riript). Imagine Rihanna sees it on a profile that didn't even tag me, I'd be devastated. So I hope you do! Merry ChRIHstmas everyone! ❤
  6. I feel Consideration is Rih's answer to Question Existing or that Consideration is Question Existing older sister.
  7. rihanna navy

    Here you can discuss everything related to Rihanna Navy - post your fan stories, encounter stories and fan photos.
  8. Unapologetic celebrates four years of existence today! FOUR YEARS! This album was game changing in my opinion because after this album being released Rihanna's vocals started to grow in an amazing scale. She did three amazing tours during this era and we all saw her vocal growth: 777 Tour, Diamonds World Tour and The Monster Tour. We had Diamonds, Stay, Pour It Up, Right Now, What Now, Can't Remember To Forget You, The Monster, Bad (Remix)... So many good singles and collaborations that we never expected to happen (like the Shakira one). And let's talk about the artwork for the cover of the album... It's amazing. She really was unapologetic and expressed that with her body + art which = perfection. We had amazing videos too. From great productions (Diamonds) to the most simple videos ever (Stay) they were all well done and amazing! My favorite video of the whole era (and of her whole career, imo) is What Now... God, that video is everything. Its production is simple too. It has a lot of meaning and makes you think about life. We can tell the frustration she's in. And the passages from the lost ambiance to the dark ambiance are fantastic. Here's my top 5 from the album: #1 What Now #2 Stay #3 Numb #4 Jump #5 No Love Allowed What's your top 5 and your favorite video?
  9. Before I start this topic, I apologize if a topic has already been made but I tried to search for one, and was surprised I couldn't come up with any results. So anyways! What's your favorite Rihanna song? Mine, as my name says, Unfaithful! In 2006, when this song came out, I used to listen to it all the time. Before I sleep, while eating, in the car, in the living room, MP3, CDs... every possible way and time! I love this song so much, I still listen to it to this day -- it's my all-time favorite song! So that's me, but what are your favorite song from Rihanna, guys? And if possible, why?
  10. Will Rihanna ever join this website? It would be cool, maybe she's already here disguised as someone else 😂
  11. Let's interact navy! This new website is amazing and we have to start getting more active here. It's the Rihanna Navy social media, exclusive for true Rihanna fans/lovers. Let's know each others favorite songs and videos from every era. Lemme start: Music Of The Sun A Girl Like Me Good Girl Gone Bad Rated R Song: Willing To Wait Song: Final Goodbye Song: Question Existing Song: Cold Case Love Video: If It's Lovin' That You Want Video: Unfaithful Video: Umbrella Video: Russian Roulette Loud Talk That Talk Unapologetic ANTI Song: Skin Song: We All Want Love Song: What Now Song: Same Ol' Mistakes Video: Man Down Video: Where Have You Been Video: What Now Video: Kiss It Better R8 Promo Singles Collaborations/Others Song: FourFiveSeconds Song: Princess Of China Video: Bitch Better Have My Money Video: Sledgehammer Now that you know a little bit about my musical preferences on Rihanna's discography I want to know yours! To be easier for you just copy all the topics above and all you have to do is delete the songs/videos I choose and write the ones you want. I'm curious to know your personal tastes, I know they're gonna be different!
  12. Hey Navy Only a few weeks left to vote, she's nominated for 3 Awards, vote multiple times: Best Female: Best Song: Best Pop: *focus on Best female/song, and don't forget to spread the word*
  13. As many of us are Rihanna fans, a lot of us are choosing usernames related to her songs, albums, tours, and the like, so I thought, what am I supposed to call everyone in a post? It would seem awkward to say: "I agree with you, AntiWorldTour" . So I'm wondering what should I call ya'll with! I'm not asking for your real names, just for internet aliases you use and might want to be called with, or, heck, your real name if you want. For me? Well, you can call me Aurora or Laura, whatever rocks your boat . A and L are my first and middle names, so I'm known by both!