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  1. Do you think our queen will release new music in 2017? Any news or thoughts? I heard that Nick Gramshaw announced that she is up to release new music soon. Feel free to write. X, M.
  2. Hi Guys, I've been trying to look for a place to send Rih fanmail for years and don't know where to send it. Do you all know?
  3. music

    What are your thoughts about #R9? When will it be released? #ineednewmusicfromher
  4. #R9

    Updates and thoughts about R9 here! I think Rihanna will be having a couple of movies next year. If she's doing the documentary next year she should release that with like a greatest hits album or a tour live album maybe with a few new songs? Then lay low and do FentyxPuma and then late 2018 release an album and tour in 2019. She probs wont do that but that would be ideal for me.
  5. I feel Consideration is Rih's answer to Question Existing or that Consideration is Question Existing older sister.
  6. Before I start this topic, I apologize if a topic has already been made but I tried to search for one, and was surprised I couldn't come up with any results. So anyways! What's your favorite Rihanna song? Mine, as my name says, Unfaithful! In 2006, when this song came out, I used to listen to it all the time. Before I sleep, while eating, in the car, in the living room, MP3, CDs... every possible way and time! I love this song so much, I still listen to it to this day -- it's my all-time favorite song! So that's me, but what are your favorite song from Rihanna, guys? And if possible, why?
  7. Both of these songs actually have very similar names but portray different emotions and meanings behind their lyrics. Stupid in Love is featured in Rated R, while Fool in Love is part of Talk That Talk album, which makes me think that Rihanna is on to something with these names. She speaks of how dumb she is to be in an abusive relationship in SIL and how she messed up staying in the relationship. For FIL, she's seeking approval of her parents of the new man she found, despite having flaws in him. She sees this new guy as perfectly immaculate and is willing to go against her parents' wishes of being with him, even though she'd like if they're on the same boat as her. Overall, they're just song names, with nothing too deep to think of, but they definitely seem to complement each other. As a verdict, I believe the two songs are somehow related with how Rihanna is stuck between being an idiot for someone's love and how she's willing to dive too deep in someone's love despite being opposed (fictionally, of course) making her someone who has a difficult love life. What do ya'll think?
  8. Have you ever heard a Rihanna song and some lyrics were just so mesmerizing for you? I'm sure at one point or another, we've fallen in love with some lines Riri sang whether it's because the chorus or the bridge are awesome, the way she sang them is fabulous, the words are deep, or even are relatable to you! Personally? I think almost the whole hook of Do Ya Thang is my favorite: See I know you like bein' 'round chicks And lookin at hips In a little outfits (hey) What can I say Thats what I love about you babe I don't ask cause I know you gon lie And ya way too sexy to ever be shy (hey) I just feel these lyrics describe my relationship with my boyfriend so well, as I like to tease him a lot, knowing no matter how a man is committed and loyal, they'd actually stare at other girls (or guys, lol.) The words are sung in a fun-loving manner and they accurately showcase every great relationship a girl and a guy can have with a little humor laced onto them.
  9. Rihanna just changed her hairstyle 👀👀👀
  10. I heard rumors Rihanna was doing a documentary for AWT. I mean they were filming the crowd during the AWT show I attended (Chicago). Well I hope so and she should release a live album for AWT!
  11. Now that it's been a few days since the FENTYXPUMA SS 17 collection was shown in PaRih, the world is abuzz about our legendary fave's creations. Here's a compilation of all the reviews. COMPLEX MAGAZINE: What Every Celebrity Designer can learn from Rihanna and Puma. Yesterday, Rihanna presented her Spring 2017 Fenty x Puma collection during Paris Fashion Week at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild. Models walked down the runway in silk dresses, a chinoiserie romper suit, durag-like headpieces, corsets, a parka that was trimmed in ruffles, hoodies with super long sleeves, lace up sweatpants, creeper-soled boots, and stiletto mules in white, pink, green, and lilac hues. Unlike other celebrity fashion lines in the past, Rihanna's second collection was actually different from the first. It was also daring, though not revolutionary. Still, Rihanna has figured out the formula for what celebrity fashion lines should be: Make something that’s an extension of you. The beauty of Rihanna, and the projects she works on, is that every endeavor—music, fashion, or otherwise—is a direct reflection of her. It’s clear that she’s hands-on (the Tidal stream showed her prepping for the show and helping style models during the walkthrough) and it’s her vision that’s being executed. If you’ve kept up with the singer’s style, you’d know she has worn pieces similar to what was presented during the Spring 2017 runway show (she’s a big endorser of wearing sleepwear outside of her bedroom). Perhaps that’s why it felt like both male and female models were, in some bizarre way, transformed into the singer—one male model even wore a pink crop top. They were dressed like her and walked with her attitude. Plenty of artists have collaborated with brands and “designed” clothing lines before. But Rihanna approaches her collection differently. She didn’t just slap her name on Puma suede sneakers or a hoodie. She signed a deal with Puma in 2014 that clearly gave her creative input, and designed two full collections that are quite a leap from what the sportswear brand is accustomed to— and were still true to herself and her sense of style. Wearing a piece of Fenty x Puma is like owning a piece of Rihanna. And isn’t that the point?