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Stupid in Love - Fool in Love

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Both of these songs actually have very similar names but portray different emotions and meanings behind their lyrics. Stupid in Love is featured in Rated R, while Fool in Love is part of Talk That Talk album, which makes me think that Rihanna is on to something with these names. She speaks of how dumb she is to be in an abusive relationship in SIL and how she messed up staying in the relationship. For FIL, she's seeking approval of her parents of the new man she found, despite having flaws in him. She sees this new guy as perfectly immaculate and is willing to go against her parents' wishes of being with him, even though she'd like if they're on the same boat as her. 

Overall, they're just song names, with nothing too deep to think of, but they definitely seem to complement each other. As a verdict, I believe the two songs are somehow related with how Rihanna is stuck between being an idiot for someone's love and how she's willing to dive too deep in someone's love despite being opposed (fictionally, of course) making her someone who has a difficult love life.

What do ya'll think?




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