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Rihanna's Dating Rumors

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Ever since The Inquisitr announced Rihanna and Drake are no longer together and that Taylor Swift is getting in-between, rumors around the internet flew left and right. Some news says Rihanna is all up on Brad Pitt, some says Chris Brown wants her back, some say "Rihanna confirmed Drake gives a lot of headaches for women and Taylor won't handle it," some said that Drake is cheating on her, and my favorite one is where it said Rihanna is working on a Drake diss track lol.

Honestly? I'm sure Rihanna and Drake are giggling behind their phones, agreeing not to meet for a while so that the media thinks they're broken up and they gain more publicity. It's weird how to this date, rumors spread everywhere, even though sources that only spread real news about celebrities never mentioned these gossips. 

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