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Could this hairstyle be the 'Aaliyah side bang/fringe' to Rihanna's hair legacy?

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These 3 pictures all pop up when you type Rihanna into google images and all three serve the fiercest of faces. Could this be the hairstyle that in 15-20 years time the new generation would be ranting and raving about when they think of the 10's decade?

It initially looks like a wedding hairtyle, but I can see girlies going casual with it because of Rihanna. Its sleek, fierce and sexy. The inches at the back almost remind you of a stallions tail, brining a whole new meaning to the name 'Rihorse'.

Could Rihanna's 2015 Ponytail be what the aaliyah side bang was to the 90s, the asymetrical bob sported by V Beckham, Keri Hilson and Rihanna herself was to the 00's and what Marilyn's platinum blonde cherub curls was to the 50s?





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