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So I did this... I decorated my christmas tree with Rihanna's discography (if you can't see them: GGGB is on the bottom left and RR bottom right).

I did this temporarily because the CDs kept falling and I have cats and their cases would be broken in less than a minute, otherwise I wouldn't mind to do it permanently. The order is not from the most favorite to the least favorite, it's by release order (bottom to top).

I've received a lot of compliments from the Navy (not only) and I can't be more happy! Hope you guys enjoy it as well!

PS: a lot of people are stealing this pic and posting it without tagging me, so please, if you want to post it to your account I don't mind, I really don't mind, but at least tag me (on Twitter: @woo7me // on IG: @riript). Imagine Rihanna sees it on a profile that didn't even tag me, I'd be devastated. So I hope you do! :)

Merry ChRIHstmas everyone! ❤


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