How can I meet Rihanna?

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Hi Navy? How are you?  I hope you're y'all good. I've already posted a similiary topic with my old account but unfortunately I've lost it :D:D. Last year Rihanna was involved in her Anti World Tour. She came in Italy too but for economic reasons I couldn't go to her concert. I was so upset and sad at the same time even because I've seen a lot of fans getting into the backstage of Rihanna's concert and now I'm wondering how they did. Have you ever meet Rihanna at a concert? If yes how did you do? Have you bought a VIP ticket? Have I to wait when the concerts end and then go to the backstage? Please if you can help me  answer me because I wanna go to her next concert in Italy and I wanna meet her and I don't know what to do! 


p.s. I'm sorry if I could be annoying:(

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Me too i wanna meet her but it's difficult :( first, if you have Twitter or Instagram try to send her a message because she answers a lot on those social networks :D me i cannot because i don't have Twitter or Instagram

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