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(This is long, BEWARE)

100% worth the read though

September 6th, 2016:

Its about 5:30PM and I'm just getting out of my last college class of the day. As I'm entering the Subway station I get the twitter notification of Rihanna sending out a tweet. The tweet said the following:

"NEW YORK who’s heading to #FENTYXPUMA pop up at @SIX02 33rd st?! Come shop with me at 7PM!"

I got on the subway and wondered if I actually wanted to go to the pop-up shop the way I was dressed. (I was such a mess lol) I arrive to the pop-up shop at about 6PM, and I'm upstairs waiting at the pop-up shop that seems to be for invited guests only. Hours go by, and my stomach is aching soooooo bad. I even tweeted about my stomach hurting and having thoughts of leaving. Thankfully, I didn't. Anyways, at about 8:25PM I hear the people down the store making noise and I automatically panicked and assumed it was Rih. I saw Jen & Mel ahead of Rih, I pulled out my phone and started recording, Jen walks past first "Hey Jen!" I shout, Jen replies "hi you!" *dies inside* Mel right behind Jen looks at me and I go "Hi Melissa" she smiles and goes "Hi" (dies inside AGAIN) seconds later, the glowing goddess herself is walking towards me and all I remember is putting my hand out and saying "I love you Rih please tou- *SHE TOUCHES MY HAND* "OH MY GAAAAAD" I literally yelled LMAO. I was beyonddddddddd shocked. I legitimately didn't know what to do so I just started tearing up like a babyy, it was so embarrassing but so worth it all. While they're inside the VIP pop up shop and Rih is doing interviews, Yusef comes towards the window and I'm outside of the window and I like point up and down at his outfit and I'm like "you look good!" Snapping and being extra and he didn't understand what I said and he kinda put a "huh?" Face so I said my statement again but with more snaps and a thumbs up after pointing up and down at his outfit and he looked at me and smirked basically telling me like "I know I look good" and OMG I thought we were best friends at that moment. Remember how I said I had literally just gotten out of school? So, while I waited for Rih to leave, I took out my notebook and wrote this message (or something similar):

Twitter @: 

rrfxagb, thank you for blessing me by touching my hand. See you at GCF <3 

I knew that trying to hand Rih the paper wouldn't be the best idea because the amount of people and security that were there. So, while everyone is exiting, Mel is last to exit and she's a bit behind and I go up to her and I go "Mel can you please give this to Rih I would really appreciate it" she stops walking looks at me and goes "sure baby" with the cutest accent. I was so shocked at the fact that she stopped to take the paper I just screamed as she walked away with my paper "thank you so much love you Mel!"


My paper must have gotten lost as I never got followed on Twitter. But that really didn't matter to me. The fact that everyone was so nice and had such a great attitude literally was the best thing to me. I'm hoping I'm able to meet Rih and tell her about my experience at the pop up shop and how appreciative I am of her and her crew being so humble and extremely nice. I hope that Mel at least finds me familiar if I see her Sunday. Thank you all for reading this longggggg story but you know, I hope it was worth it. Here are pictures of her looking at me directly in the EYE. Thank you all ❤️


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Oh my God. I'd die of that happened to me but unfortunately I've never beenicky enough to meet her throughout the 11 years that I'm stanning her.


The only time I can say that I was blessed was when I had the side cut.


I had her Logo from the Rated R Era shaved into the short side and she randomly tweeted me 

"Ur hair is SO badass"

A few months later at the LOUDTour she blew me a kiss at the end of Shut Up And Drive and a little later, when during Glamorous Life she left the stage to walk alongside the fans, she randomly hugged me. 


I literally almost fainted lol.

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GCF was so much fun. Well, Rihanna's set. Everything else was extremely messy and unorganized. BUT, Rihanna had an amazinggggg show. The audience was really going off. I'm not sure if you're able to hear the audience through the livestream but wow everyone had so much energy. She didn't notice me unfortunately and I didn't see her after the show because I had to leave right away. I would've loved to see her after and just talk lol. But, Melissa did recognize me and waved and me and so did Yusef! Such a great time. Oh, and I managed to get a selfie with Cara Delevigne 😂

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Stanning Rihanna being 16 y/o.

This WILL be a long text, more in a story form. Enjoy!

Hello Navys! Last weekend was probably the best in my entire life. I attended the Global Citizen Festival in New York City, and just going to NYC for me is incredible! I am from Montreal so that is like a 6-7 hours ride. Ok so I have a pretty crazy story to tell you. Let's rewind a little!


Friday, September 23rd.

This is the day we arrived in the city that never sleeps. As soon as we arrived, we got our Hotel Room then we went in Times Square to enjoy the city. So, we were walking in Times Square, and when we went in the M&Ms shop we had free Wi-Fi so we went on Twitter and Instagram to see if we missed something. That is the moment when we saw a Pop-Up shop took place at like 10 minutes of walk from our restaurant where we ate (the Rockstar Cafe). So after we ate, we went to the pop-up shop. When we arrived, we were just lost for words when we saw the collection in front of us. We walked around the store, we met some awesome people, and the staff was incredible. They walked around the shop and arrived with food and drinks. This night, we also heard a 500$ giveaway card for Fenty's collection would happen, so we decided to stay until the shop closed. We tested out the T-Shirt because the hoodie was out of stock. And finally, we bought a hoodie each (keep in mind when we stepped in the shop, we never thought we would buy something in there, because it's kinda expensive for us). And then we stayed for the giveaway. Oh by the way, we met Kay from @rihannaoverdose on Instagram, and she's such a nice girl! A couple of moments later, she came to us (we were 3 friends together) and she started talking to us, saying she would feel bad to give the card to only one of us. When she said that, I LITERALLY STARTED SHAKING. She said that she knew we would split the 500$ of merch inbetween the 3 of us. WE WON THE FREAKING CARD! So for myself, I got the pants and the T-Shirt that I paid, and my friends got a Chocker, the vest and the grey T-Shirt. What a great night.


The day of the show, Saturday, September 24th.

5:30 AM : BIP BIP! Alarm waked us up, we took our shower, ate and we took the bus at 6:00 AM. The nearest bus terminal was on the 41st street if I recall, so we had to walk a bit. Suddenly, we are in Central Park trying to find the waiting line. We searched a couple of minutes and then found it. At our arrival, maybe a hundred of people were waiting in line. I felt blessed. That's when I told myself we would have really nice places for a 70K people festival. 

11:30 : It's been already a few hours that we've been waiting in line. By luck, a hot dog stand was right in front of us so he bought two hot-dogs, we were so hungry.

12:30 - 1:00 AM-PM: The staff makes us go in. The first were running so hard. Suddenly when they made everyone came in, we had to wait another hour maybe standing up.

1:30 : We passed the security, and we ran to get our places. When we arrived, we were in the 10 first rows. I still can't believe it.

So basically the show goes on, Major Lazer and Mö were very impressing. Sadly, quarter of the crowd was dead. Me and my friends were dehydrated. Althought, we had a very fun moment. I think after it was Yandel. Around this moment, my friend went to pick us some water, and it was my turn when Demi Lovato plays. So the show goes on and suddenly I hear the sound of guitars very very loud. 

Boys and girls, please welcome METALICAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Rip my ears. Their show was great but way too loud.

So after a couple of artists came, and it was the turn of Kendrick Lamar. I was really really excited to see him. He has been a rapper I have listened to for many years now and the show was really impressing. Wow. He is such a good performer. Loved his show.

Then, only one artist was left. My queen, my idol, my role model, my favorite singer (I think you get the point). I started shaking when I heard : Ladies and Gentleman...

Then Stay starts. I was almost crying. Well, I shed tears. I sang out all the lyrics in my head, because I had no voice left. Oh and, it was my second time in a lifetime and in 2016 that I saw Rihanna live. I attended the AWT in Montreal. But really, I appreciated the show better the second time. Even tho she had to cut off a couple songs, I enjoyed every single moment of the show. For the rest of the night, big smile was in my face as if I was the happiest 16 years old kid in the world. My friends and I probably had the best weekend in our life.

Sorry for all the English mistakes, I am French and I wrote this in 30 minutes.

Finally, here is a picture of us in the pop-up shop (btw, I bought my Shirt right away this picture, im the one on the right) :




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Robyn followed me on Twitter on May 2014, when i was 12 LOL I can't believe that. (I'm 15 now) I think she followed me exactly because of my age, because a girl DMed her asking her to follow me, and that I was 12, and that I really loved her and that I was a real fan even tho I was 12 lol and she followed me because of that DM, I think.

I accidentally blocked her on August 2014 (it was really an accident, it was on my email as I searched from the emails saying she had DMed and followed me.) but thank God, with the help of people from Twitter she followed me back hours after, because they DMed her! If it was today, she would never follow me again as I think she doesn't read her DMs anymore (at least MY dms she doesn't reply anymore LOL it's been so long, i think January :( ) and don't use Twitter anymore!

I live in Porto Alegre, it's the capital of the Rio Grande do Sul, a state in the south of Brazil, it's literally the last state of the south. Last year I was 14 and I traveled by plane ALONE (without anyone) just for Rock In Rio. I stayed on a friend's mom's boyfriend's house (lol, I was gonna go with her but her mom got sick and I had to go alone) It was so amazing, I stayed all day in the front of the hotel she was, the day before the concert, and I happened to see all her crew, Jay Brown, Jenn, some dancers, Mel Ottenberg, and I took a picture with Khadija (dancer) and HiHat!!! When I was there I DMed and tweeted Robyn so many times lol so she would notice us, if she went to the balcony, but I didn't happen to see her :( I also asked HiHat and the dancers so many times to ask Robyn to check her dms, and I screamed that she follows me and that she said that she loves me LOL! I wanted her to check her DMs also because I wanted her to invite me backstage LOL I thought it was easy meeting Rihanna if she follows you, but it isn't! I DMed her so many times on the entire trip and even before, but I never got even a response lol :( After the concert I was sad I didn't get to meet her and that I stayed very far from the stage bc my friend's mom's boyfriend drove me very late, but it was amazing anyway, and it was an amazing experience with me, being only 14 years old!

Rodrigo, if you read this, the next concert she does here please help me to get to meet her and let me be on the front of the barriers with you please! Lol! :D

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My story is bittersweet and I don't like to share it much anymore since I've been receiving a lot of hate coz of it in the past...


Let me just say, I used to be very close to Robyn, she was like a big sister to me. We used to speak on BBM & I've still got a voicemail from when she tried to phone me once...I managed to help quite a few people get follows & mentions...but sadly someone had to ruin it at all. 


I miss her very much. 


But i still love her as much as ever. ❤️

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