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Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, a.k.a Joey Bada$$

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Joey Badass is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He turned 21 y/o this year. Joey has been one of my biggest inspirations with Rihanna since I started listening to him back in 2012. He is very active, not only in the music scene, but also on television. He portrays the role of Leon in Mr. Robot (I suggest you to watch this TV Show, it's really addictive and it's my favorite so far with The Walking Dead and Bates Motel). Back in the days in 2011, him and his best friend Jamal Dewar Jr. (a.k.a Capital Steez), created a hip-hop collective. It is called Pro Era, shortcut for Progressive Era. They now have their own label : Pro Era Records. 


23rd December, 2012.

This night at midnight was the night Joey lost his best friend Capital Steez. Capital Steez comitted suicide by jumping off the Cinematic Music Group. Right before jumping, he Tweeted ''The End''. By the way, it is still on his Twitter.  Why? No theory has been proven so far, but the most accurate one would be because of schizoprenia. Steez was an indigo child, among his best friends in Pro Era. He believed he was a Baphomet. 

Stills makes me tear up time to time, R.I.P Capital Steez, a beautiful angel.


Let's get back to Joey now.

His debut mixtape called ''1999'' dropped in 2012, only when he was 17 y/o. If you are interested, click here to listen to the mixtape. And then in 2013, he dropped another mixtape called ''Summer Knights''. A track called #LongLiveSteelo is on the mixtape, to pay honor to Capital Steez. In 2015, Joey dropped his debut album, B4.DA.$$ on the day of his birthday. 


That's basically it! I just wanted to introduce you to Joey, my favorite rapper and one of my biggest inspirations with Rihanna! You might want to take a look to Joey's music or Pro Era's music if you enjoy Boom Bap rap!

Thanks you Navy!


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