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Have you ever heard a Rihanna song and some lyrics were just so mesmerizing for you? I'm sure at one point or another, we've fallen in love with some lines Riri sang whether it's because the chorus or the bridge are awesome, the way she sang them is fabulous, the words are deep, or even are relatable to you! Personally? I think almost the whole hook of Do Ya Thang is my favorite:

See I know you like bein' 'round chicks
And lookin at hips
In a little outfits (hey)
What can I say
Thats what I love about you babe
I don't ask cause I know you gon lie
And ya way too sexy to ever be shy (hey)

I just feel these lyrics describe my relationship with my boyfriend so well, as I like to tease him a lot, knowing no matter how a man is committed and loyal, they'd actually stare at other girls (or guys, lol.) The words are sung in a fun-loving manner and they accurately showcase every great relationship a girl and a guy can have with a little humor laced onto them.

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I would say so many. But mostly from "Where Have You Been". It's like i've gave up on my love life due my collage/work stuff. And even when i do have dates no one usually gets it. I do always say i won't always be free to go out because i'm doing my PhD degree + work and everyone is like "that's ok" at first but later they're like "i can't deal with this..., , just hang out with your university" etc so i'm like where have you been? 

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I´m falling in love with KISS IT BETTER:xB|

6 hours ago, Andreia said:

Her lyrics are all amazing from "music of the sun" to "Anti" but right now ill just go with "Same ol mistakes" :x


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